Building Success at Workplace with the Practice of Meditation: Yes, Meditation makes a Difference in Corporate World! Appreciation Letter for Inner Peace Workshop- 1st Health & Wellness Event @ Outotec Corporation

Card from Outotec -2015 -1st Wellness Program

Sahaja Yoga Meditation at Outotec - Ioana Shulin Nitin Ana Bianca - Kathy from HR Outotec - and Jon
Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Inner Peace team @ Outotec (left to right): Ioana, Shulin, Nitin, Ana Bianca, — and Katie, the  amazing organizer from Outotec, that prepared the 1st ever Health and Wellness month for employees on Tuesday June 30, 2015— and Jon from Halton sahaja yoga meditation


Thank you Letter from Outotec Corporation for Inner Peace  – Sahaja Yoga ClassThe complete Inner Peace team that visited Outotec: Only Sahaja Yogis - Ioana, Shulin, Nitin, AnaBianca, Holly and Jon

The complete Inner Peace team of sahaja yogi/nis volunteers that visited Outotec:  Ioana, Shulin, Nitin, Ana Bianca, Holly and Jon

Thank you -HR Outotec to Sahaja Yoga Meditation -Halton

Nitin – engineer at Outotec  and yogi brother from Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class had  received a great thank you card from his company for Nitin’s initiative of introducing Sahaja Yoga meditation’s stress relief benefits to his colleagues at work! Way to go Outotec! 

Thank you Card-Outotec 1 -Building Success Together

During our 90 min class with intro presentation and energy centre wellness workshop, our team had focused more Swadhishtana chakra as the participants were from Design and Marketing departments – totally ‘depending’ on this chakra’s qualities in performing their roles at work, on daily basis. The feedback was really good and it triggered a request for our team to visit another workplace in Burlington. 🙂

Swadhisthana chakra - image

Inner Peace at Outotec Burlington

(click!) Meditation in Corporate World @ Boehringer Ingleheim  

Thank you OUtotec Burlington -Wellness Day 2015

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  1. Shulin

    We had such a wonderful time being with outotech employees and was received by Katie with much hospitality and genuine interest for inner peace, hope to be back soon!

  2. Gurinder

    Amazing !!! I would like to learn how to introduce, organize and conduct meditation sessions in corporate world. Contact me and let me know who can help.

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