(Two Incredible Videos) Meditation, Art, Youth, Himalayas and Inspiration — ALL @ Burlington Class!

Andre Gide:

‘Art is a collaboration between God and the artist,
and the less the artist does, the better.’

Sam’s story about her amazing artwork-painting is the best example to Andre Gide’s quoted definition on Art, as it was totally Inspired through her growth nourished by meditation and yogic connection. Take a look for yourself!

Shri Krishna drawing by Sam - small

To understand the connections especially to the qualities of the 5th subtle energy centre (Visdhudhi – throat chakra) and the symbolism behind it, do not miss a real treat: the ‘Sahaj Guru Game’ video presentation captured below. Then listen to STEFAN’s experience right after  🙂 Sam and Stefan’s Meditation Experiences -Videos are below.

(video) Samantha’s Unforgettable Presentation

(video) Stefan’s Most Incredible ‘Himalaya’s Crossing Cranes’ Meditation Experience

Yes, our Halton Sahaja Yoga classes are truly transformative and uplifting! Drop a comment if you like 🙂

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