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Gibran says “Trust the Dreams for in them is hidden The Gate to Eternity”. What do you say?

"Trust the Dreams, for in them is hidden The Gate to Eternity" says Kahlil Gibran I'd love to h

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Face to Face with Carl Gustav Jung about Self-Realization with Kundalini as Tape recoder

Carl Gustav Jung: "The universal principle is even into the smallest particle, which therefore, c

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Charlie Chaplin – A Sahaj Declaration about Life on his 70th Birthday

(attributed to) Charlie Chaplin on his 70th birthday: As I Began to Love Myself   As I began to lov

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Sahaj Key to Easter Egg with Aramaic Lord’s Prayer as Mantra (VIDEO-MUSIC)

Aramaic Lord's PrayerO cosmic birther of all radiance and vibration!Soften the ground of our being a

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Journey of beautiful experiences with Sahaja Yoga

Ann's first experience with Sahaja Yoga meditation started during a workshop at our local class' boo

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About meditation

Meditation is a state of awareness where we let go of our thoughts and enter the present moment. Th

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