RAIN to HEAL ME -> VOLUNTEERS from Sahaja Yoga Meditation -> SNAP’ed in March + April (Burlington’s Magazine)

January’s “R.A.I.N.  to  HEAL  M.E.” Program in SNAP’s MARCH ISSUE SNAP Burlington - January 2016 issue

March “R.A.I.N. to  HEAL  M.E.” Program in SNAP’s APRIL ISSUE

SNAP March 12 event in April issue 2016


(CLICK) Clips & Photos: “The March of the Penguins for Mother Earth”JANUARY 2016 “R.A.I.N to heal M.E.” in Burlington

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  1. Daiana

    I am really touched and very impressed by your wonderful, dynamic, constructive public programs. Very delighted to hear the sound of drum beats, the symbol of heartbeat of Mother Earth in aboriginal culture, a symbol of hope and healing.
    Looking forward to the next Realize Awareness in Nations programs,
    Love and cool breeze,

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