Recorded Guided Meditations – Meditate Collectively this way

In case you missed one of the online group meditations, you can listen to our Recorded Guided Meditations (VIDEO)

#1 Meditation Online Class with Ioana and Shivangna – Mother Earth

April 21, 2020 – Meditation for Mother Earth

#2 – Meditation Online Class with Ana Bianca and Nippun’s Artwork

#3 – Earth Day Meditation – Going Deeper – Self Realization & The Spirit & AGNYA 3rd Eye Chakra

#4 – Three Energy Channels with Prana & Mana Breathing Meditation led by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

#5 – The Spirit and Lord Shiva – Simple Mantra & WHAT is the SPIRIT Video

#6 – Sahasrara Chakra Opening Day on May 5th & Experiences Sharing 

#7 Guided Crown Chakra Meditation for WorldMantras on Guitar with Abi & Shivangna Singing COLLECTIVELY

#8Sahasrara & The HeartAuras explained by Shri Mataji

#9 – The Joy of Collectivity in the Ether on Victoria Day 2020 “Weekend” – Meditation with Abi & Shri Mataji’s Toronto Inspiring Talk & Feel Niagara Falls “now

#10 Sahar’s Miracle Healing Story & HEART Chakra Online Meditation CLASS

# 11BHAKTI Experience SESSION * ZEPHYR Music + “Attention ISSUES” VIDEO TIPS

# 12 – Experience Pure Attention in Meditation with 2 Talks of Wisdom

More SYMN – Online to be posted ..

Hope you enjoy the Spiritual Honey of Sahaja Yoga Meditation..

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