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Ever since high school, I have searched for the truth. The truth about life – what is life about really, what is our purpose in life, why are there so many religions and why are there so many conflicts in different religions when they are all directing us to the source of all that is. What about all the sacred books such as the Bhagavat Gita, the Koran, the bible, the Guru Granth etc., do any of the stories and the messages conveyed in those books hold any truth? How can I get guidance at every step of the way on how to live my life according to what is the truth?

In my search for the truth, I converted from being a Hindu to being a Christian, and studied the bible, read a few self help books but after 6-7 years, I found myself asking the same questions all over again. I kept on wishing for answers. I was going through a depression (perhaps for over four years) and it was slowly affecting my overall well being – I didn’t feel happy or appreciative of all the wonderful things in my life despite being blessed with a supportive family, a great job and a brand new house – I didn’t feel fulfilled or satisfied. I felt very “empty” in life – there was no joy.

Then one day last year in January, I came across an ad through the Oakville’s online newspaper for a free meditation class available near where I lived. I decided to give it a try and I had the best meditation class of my life. After experiencing Kundalini awakening.…I instantly knew that what I had been searching for all my life was found and more was to be discovered through Sahaja Yoga. In fact, I had registered for a different yoga class for $160 and I never ended up going there after the trial class because my first class in Sahaja Yoga gave me that inner peace and assurance that I was looking for. To me it was worth loosing the $160 bucks rather than missing any of Sahaja Yoga classes.

phot by KyanThis was a start of a beautiful journey for me and in one year through very simple and easy meditation techniques that you can do at home without any big efforts – whether you are 5 years old or 75 years old, I have been transformed into a joyful, healthy and content person. Apart from the spiritual progress, through Sahaja Yoga, I have been cured from depression, and constipation. I had been taking thyroid medication for 8 years and after a few months into Sahaja Yoga the THS levels in the blood report came out normal. Then I continued with both medication and meditation. Moreover, I have more energy now than I did before when I was on many pills and I no longer feel depressed. I feel full of joy and satisfied. I see beauty in little things now and appreciate every little thing. Sahaja Yoga gives you a direct connection with the divine and purifies you from all aspects of life. I have found that things are all of a sudden made easier for me. Some of my deepest desires have been fulfilled and there are many little miracles that have happened in my life since Sahaja Yoga has been in my life. I feel protected and assured that I am being taken care of by the divine every step of the way.

Not only have I found so many answers about life, different religions and my purpose but I have met some wonderful individuals from different backgrounds who are so very inspiring, helpful and open. There is a beautiful unity in the class and any new comer easily finds him/her self to fit just right in. I sure did and am very proud of being a part of them.

Anjali Gandhi (Oakville resident)

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