Special events in Burlington

Sahaj Easter 

Wonderful event with Easter Eggs, Easter stories/customs, yummy & healthy Potluck dinner and Cool Meditation with focus on Forgiveness, pure Love and compassion. Great vibes and great fun!!

Sahaj Culture Evening

Great evening of sharing experiences in circle based groups; everyone found it useful, fun and profound, all in one! The request was to have more such events.

Meditation with Live Sitar Performance-Class1 Spring Course 20018

Special event organized by Burlington Sahaja Yoga class – with Seema as a special guest performing few ragas at Sitar

Art & Spirituality Part#1 – Renaissance & Impressionism

Beautiful Event where Visual Art, Poetry & Meditation were intertwined and experiences. This time the Western Art was presented, enjoyed and meditate upon. Our guide was Valentina Churilova, dear friend and artist from Toronto plus a teacher of Sahaja Yoga Meditation @ University of Toronto.

Sahaja Yoga and Western Medicine

Very successful event organized by our Burlington class and having Dr. Maxim Pashin as a special guest.

Sahaj Guru Game- Round#3 -Sahasrara Team

Very interesting evening when we’ve learnt a lot about the chakra/energy centre with 1000 petals. Ann even dedicated a very beautiful poem to this chakra!

14 year Celebration Burlington Class

Joyful event with many guests; powerful collective meditation, workshop and stories of progress that were shared.

Special Event with Classical Indian Music 

Summer Seminar with special guests: Glen Pattison (playing harmonium) and Hema Kukreja (playing Sitar)

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