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Who built up The Centre of Mastery? How to nourish it?

Public Program 'FIRST KNOW THY "SELF" -- London -- England (Shri Mataji)"Now all the Prophets of the

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What is Guru Principle? What`s Guru needed for? How to cross the Ocean of Ilussions or The Void ?! Imagine Noah’s Ark

Shri Mataji - the founder of sahaja yoga meditation - about  Guru Principle:    

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Easy to be an Angel? Difficult to maintain it? – Then call in the Guru Principle!

"..As you are all Realised Souls ( having Kundalini energy  awakened) and as I have told you, you a

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What is a Seer?

Answers:'Seer has double meaning:  the one who sees only, just sees and he is only knowledge, he is

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