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Jesus and Ganesha – Aum, the Divine Essence of Prayer

AUM, TO THE DIVINE ESSENCE OF THE PRAYER Let our ears hear that which is True; Let our eyes see

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Why Stay in the Present & Advice for Spiritual Ascent, Wounds and Weaknesses

Know our Wounds and Repair them '..we have to repair all the time all our wounds which we have cau

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How Religion ended in Dogma?

How Religion ended in Dogma? Shri Mataji: "Religions are also the expressions and experiments of re

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What is Kundalini? Answer with Miracle Photos & Numerology Info (HOW TO Establish my Self Realization?!)

Kundalini as Strands of Energy /Spiral Rope piercing through the top of the head Sahasrara chakra

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Human Beings have to become a Bee – Know How with Lotus

Who is a Bee? The GURU!Let's enjoy some sahaj knowledge in this article; we already learn at our cl

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Swine Flu – H1N1 Prevention (Simple Advices)

** just received the advice below from a dear friend and I have recognized some of the common natura

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