Enjoy Awesome Foot-soak with Sahaj Report from Oakville Waterfront Festival


Sahaja Yoga Halton had participated for 3 consecutive days to the Oakville Waterfront Festival.

We’ve experienced it all: a bright beautiful evening (on Friday June 26), a supper sunny and hot long day (on Saturday, June 27) and the moody weather: from rainy-dark-wet morning and afternoon to the bright sunny late afternoon (on Sunday, June 28).

On Saturday our inner mood was totally tuned to the Bright Sunny weather .. we even needed sun-glasses to face such a glorious Day!

But as we also changed team members during these 3 days, with friends coming as far as Whitby (Kathleen on Sunday) or North York (Ligia, Mark, Natasha and Sharon) beside the Halton sahaja yogis … one thing stayed as solid and constant as a rock: the joy of our Kundalini, that was so eager to be instrumental in serving the community and meeting the Seekers.

On Sunday, our joy reflected on the beaming faces (we have the proof! watch the photos!) was the best Invitation we had to offer everyone around.

Indeed the Rain was pouring on Sunday while our Kudalinis had chosen to be “Dancing in the Rain”.


We’ll try to gather also various experiences during these 3 days from our team members as well we Invite You, that might have been a participant to this festival and maybe a visitor to our booth there, to please share in a comment to this Post, your sincere experience with Sahaja Yoga or with any of us there there.

In Sahaja Yoga Meditation we experience the deep communication with Mother Nature and its elements that we also humbly use for maintaining and clearing our subtle energy centres (chakras).

We’re sharing with you here the ancient most simple technique called “footsoak”  in which the Water element is used to absorb the blockages from the first 3 centres and the Void.. this technique is more powerful when experienced collectively in meditation and with a fully awakened Kundalini.

Below you’ll see the Meditative Foot-soak we enjoyed in the waters of the lake Ontario. The vibrations can be strongly felt.


Now after this “Foot-soak Meditation by the lake” for sure you are ready to absorb more beauty and cool vibrations, so Browse the album – has more nice photos, some with “stories”!
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Enjoy Barrie’s Sky and Yogis

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  1. Paula Erskine

    It’s so nice to see our family of friends being collective! A great bunch of beautiful souls!

  2. Dragos

    Very nice photos!!!

    Are there all the yogis in Halton area so thin? 🙂

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