University of Toronto – Concert of Yoann Freget @ Multicultural Club – How was it?! What’s Next?!

Yoann performing with Omar (guitar) and Roark (Djembe-African drum)

Feedback- report from Kristine (U of T):

“On September 30th, we were delighted to have Yoann Freget giving a solo concert at the University of Toronto.   I work in the same building where the concert was performed and arrived about 15 minutes late.  Entering the room with Yoann already deep into his music, I saw that the audience (about 40 or so people) was already immersed in vibrations of joy and inspiration.

What amazed me when I heard him sing was that his songs can be vibrantly rhythmic, fun, joyful and, at the same time, supremely meditative.  When Yoann started to sing “Imagine all the people,” hearts definitely opened.  

Yoann later led us in a musical meditation and realisation – a realisation of Shri Mataji’s Love for us all.

A student from my department who attended the concert squeezed my hand as she left the room, her face beaming with smiles.   She later wrote me an email saying,’ It was wonderful …’

We look forward to Yoann’s Next University of Toronto Concert on October 28th @ Multi-Faith Centre!

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  1. Imbornone Rosalba

    Amazing performance from the hart and so amazing vibrations, I just did not want him to stop singing ….Big hand for all of this …

  2. paula erskine

    Incredible, vibrations from the music, and it’s intention, can be felt through the soul, through the top of the head, through the roof!!!

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