“A Cloud hides the Sun and also Makes it Seen” – Explaining the Unreal in a Letter of Infinite Love

A Cloud hides the Sun and Also Makes it Seen



1975 letter from  Shri Mataji to sahaja yogis, written on May 5th, 5 years after the opening of Sahasrara Chakra at the universal level

Attention, Maya and Walking on the Path…

In 1975, Shri Mataji (the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation) celebrated Sahasrara Day in London with about twenty to twenty-five invited people. On that same day, she sent a letter in Marathi to the Sahaja Yogis in India. Excerpts are provided below.

“I am explaining, in this letter,” She wrote, “what is Unreal. It should be read out to all and assimilated by all.”
Your name, village, country, horoscope, forecasts, many such things get attached to you or others attach them to you.

Once the Brahmarandhra (the top of the head -fontanel bone area, the core of Sahasrara chakra) is closed, many types of illusory ideas become part of your mind….
Only that attention which progresses, renouncing all that is unreal, breaks all known and unknown bindings becomes verily the Self.

Atma (the Spirit) is never disturbed or destroyed.    Only human attention, in pursuit of desires, leaves its inner path.
This is Maya (the Illusion). She has been intentionally created. Without her, the Attention would not have developed.

You should not be afraid of Maya and should recognize her so  that She will illuminate your path.

A Cloud hides the Sun and also makes it seen.
In the same way, once the Maya is identified, she moves aside and the Sun is seen. The Sun is always there, but what is the purpose of the Cloud? Because of the Cloud, you have an urge to see the Sun, which shines for a moment and again hides somewhere. It gives strength and courage to your sight to see the sun.

Man has been created with such great efforts. Only one step on his feet and all is successful. But still, it is not becoming possible. Hence, I have come as your Mother….

Attention should always be kept going deeper and deeper within. Forget the outside as much as possible. Have confidence that everything about it is taken care of. There are many instances to prove it. Then, in whatever you do, your attention remains in oneness with the Self. All bindings of sin and merit are snapped. Distinctions like
worldly and nonwordly vanish because that wicked darkness, which has created all the discriminations, ends. Everything becomes auspicious in the light of true knowledge, whether it is the destruction done by Shri Krishna or the cross of Shri Jesus.

All this will not be understood by explaining. Just showing the path will not help.

The path will be known only after walking on it….

Many Blessings and Infinite Love to you all.

Ever Yours,
Your Mother, Nirmala

Ref: Divine Cool Breeze Magazine, Volume 14, Number 4, July-August 2001, page 32

48 Responses to ““A Cloud hides the Sun and also Makes it Seen” – Explaining the Unreal in a Letter of Infinite Love”

  1. louise says:

    This is a gift! thank you!

  2. sanjay dongre says:

    simply wonderful , thanks !

  3. ornella bollani says:

    what a real touching moment of joy and reflection, while reading I have seen in few second immages o my life while seeking more light, and now this light with-in has been found it collectevelly trough Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, what a significant true emotion, thanks

  4. adrian says:

    We choose to see the cloud or not… it is up to us to decide… the sun is always there…

    • Avdhut says:

      True brother. And we have to see both in order to give realisation effectively.

    • Bokwe says:

      Self-Realisation makes it possible for us to see as it opens the eyes, and at least we can then choose to see or not to see. But it’s all coming together for all of us as we see better, more and more. Thanks to the Source of Light within us…and the Giver of the Eyes..

  5. Paula Erskine says:

    I loved this talk from Shri Mataji. Every time I have to remind myself, to walk the path, not just talk the path and that puts me right on track again every time.

    Every moment we are being tested, and, we have to recognize that, and stay the course.

    I love the comparison of the clouds and sun, it makes you really appreciate the sky, and it’s vastness,and how we can find sahaj lessons in nature from the tiniest flower to the waves of the ocean. Thank you for this beautiful inspirational message!

  6. Malti Menon says:

    Thanks for forwarding this beautiful message from Mother. It came at a time when I need it most. As Mother says “Forget the outside, it is taken care of, maintain connection with self and go deeper and deeper………


  7. Bhola Sharma Pokhrel says:

    Thanks a lot for forwarding this beautiful inspirational message “Forget the outside,………….. maintain connection with self and go deeper and deeper………”

    And this is what I am trying to do since before long time.

    Bhola Sharma

    • adrian kraayeveld says:

      Allow the inside to become the outside…

      Then you will truly… enjoy this experience called Life.

  8. Hitesh says:


  9. True, so many instances around us to prove sahajayoga working with our attention!
    Congrats Sahaja Yoga, HALTON
    We conduct free programs on Stress Management, hope to conduct one at HALTON….!

  10. Irem Cam says:

    This article is exactly what I needed to remind my self these days. Everything will be taken care of….The sun is always there…

  11. Sonia Batra says:

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful message!

  12. Rajeev Mehta says:

    .. what an authentic assuring letter which is truth itself coming from truth itself

  13. Kishore says:

    Thanks for sharing the great message.

  14. Thanks for publishing and it vibrates the attention of readers who reads it

  15. ann says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful reminder of the gift of Light. We strive for the light of the sun and surrender to the clouds as they come and go. They are the powerful reminders of how far we have come and how far we deeply desire to go.

  16. pramila rao says:

    Even if i say thanks then too it wouldn’t be enough as these materials of Mother’s words and knowledge are beyond the word thanks and to thank the person who helps in sharing it is also not enough. I think JSM would definitely be in-line to share my joy with the person who shared this with the rest of the yogies of the world.
    Pramila Rao

  17. Ravinder Reddy says:

    THanks for nice message. I found many answers for my doubts.

  18. Sunil Gaonkar says:

    Thank you for this letter from divine. Truly, as mother says “The path will be known only after walking on it”. Today, after reading this I felt really blessed. Once again Thank You very much Ioana.

  19. Brijesh Rajput says:

    Thank you for such a great message ” The sun is always there, the cloud hides it for a moment” So I will always remember it and wait for the clouds to pass by in my life. Please keep sending more such reviving thoughts.
    Thanks also to Ashok Kumar Mishra for making me aware of Mataji.

  20. vishal says:

    nothing like it ……..real bliss

  21. Smita Joshi says:

    Really the feeling after reading this is unexplainable…I cannot put it in words.

    Thank you..thank you very much

  22. Amanda says:

    Sometimes it seems that the veil of illusion or Maya is cruel and that it leaves us wandering around in a dark forest with no way out. But when Shri Mataji puts it like that – a short glimpse of the sun behind the cloud urging us on to discover the light of reality – then it makes a lot of sense and encourages the seeking for truth. <3

  23. Avdhut says:

    It’s all about perception, all in the mind, the biggest illusion. In meditation the light of love that manifests as vibrations from the heart that is identified with God, ‘marries’ with the Kundalini, Nirmal Shakti, the gate to heaven is opened by the Lord of Light, Sri Jesus, for them, who are now one, to sit in their thrones, and heaven and earth become one also.

  24. Cindy Reddy SA KZN says:


  25. chandra says:

    “Everything becomes auspicious in the light of true knowledge, whether it is the destruction done by Shri Krishna or the cross of Shri Jesus….”

    THIS is what I want to practice (everything becomes auspicious).
    Now Shri Mataji said so, I am sure it becomes easy for me to practice.
    Ioan, thank you.

  26. Debbie says:

    We need both the sun and the clouds – they play an important role in the universe and symbolically in our daily lives.

    Lots of love always.

  27. patrice says:

    simply tanks for.it’s wonderfull.

  28. Marcos (from Brazil) says:

    Beautiful message, thank you very much!

  29. Perviz Mavalwalla says:

    Thanks Ioana for sharing this article.
    It couldn’t have come at a better time. It gave me a 400 v jolt. Mataji has summed it all for us in a few short sentences. We should now try to implement it.

    Have a Sahaj Day!

  30. Rita says:

    Thank you for this wonderfull message.

  31. Marcos (from Brazil) says:

    Thanks, brothers and sisters.
    Thanks Shree Nirmala Devi.

  32. Shalini Singh says:

    Wow! very inspiring. I have just come back from a collective meeting. Had a small thought in my mind, got cleared after reading the letter. Thanks for sharing. JSM. S

  33. Sujata says:

    Great speech , thanks to Mother for Her guidance…

  34. Chandra Sekhar says:

    “Forget the outside as much as possible. Have confidence that everything about it is taken care of”.

    Ma, bless us all to be so.

  35. shiva says:



  36. medi says:

    Is this article which arrives at this very moment in my sky a cloud to see the light that “I” is?
    Who is the seer of the Real, of the Truth? Shouldn’t he/she be above the Truth to realize the Truth? “I” is the cloud. “I” is the sun. All is how the Truth can realize the Truth. God desired to see itself, the universe appeared. Love, Peace and Joy are the parfum that the seekers feel in their soul when making all their efforts to go deeper and deeper. They don’t mind, which direction to go as at that level there is no mind and no direction. Real and unreal join and become one in that one that is not.
    ” Give me your sins, take my innocence if that you see
    Give me your pain, take my peace if that you see
    Give me your suffering, take my joy if that you see
    Then maybe in you I will see “I” that I am looking to see.”

  37. Rajendra Tosawar says:

    thanks for sharing,very good differentiation between reality and illusion.

  38. Shivangi says:

    “The path will be known only after walking on it….”

    Mother, we are trying to walk on that path holding your hand. It’s a beautiful journey.

    Thank you for sharing.

  39. Sunaina says:

    Thank you Ioana.

  40. Antoinette Wells says:

    Thank you Ioana, beautiful!


  41. Angie says:

    Thank you for posting this letter!

  42. Maria says:

    Beautiful message, thank you for sharing this in writing!

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