Yogis in Arts: Nomination for the 25th ANNUAL GEMINI AWARDS with Edgar Allan Poe!

Best Direction in a Performing Arts Program or Series Nomination for Brent Fildler, Eric Goldstein for “Poe -Last days of the Raven”

Brent Fidler, who won The Leo Awards in 2ooo for the Best Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series
(for First Wave)  is practising Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Vancouver, BC  and he allowed us to present the fresh press release on the news regarding the nomination. Brent was mentioning that he shares his passion in the practise of meditation (the sahaj one!) with other 3 actors that had played in this movie as well with the amazing composer for the movie’s music, the well known Tuomas Kantelinen, composer for the 2008 Academy award nominated foreign film Mongol. Please, read below the fresh Info that Brent had sent it to us.

Theater Crossing Film Corp.,  is very proud to announce it is BC’snomination for BEST DIRECTION IN A PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM for the 25TH ANNUAL GEMINI AWARDS announced today, for its film  Poe – Last Days of the Raven, which was co-directed by BRENT FIDLER and ERIC GOLDSTEIN, who were nominated..

The links below are, in order, resumes of Brent Fidler, Eric Goldstein, Poe film trailer, and Gemini nominations website.

Its star Brent Fidler has won a Best Actor Leo Award for his work in France Ford Coppola’s First Wave, and recently worked with Al Pacino in Los Angeles on Salomaybe. Let’s get to know Brent even better, check out the movie and find out more about the Gemini Awards Nominations from the links below.

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0275766/ or http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0006483/

POE – LAST DAYS OF THE RAVEN www.cciff.com, run by Suzanne Du Laurentis, scion of the Dino Du Laurentis family of producers, and the BRONZE PALM at the Mexico Int’l Film Festival this year. It aired nationally on Bravo at the end of October. www.poelastdaysoftheraven.com for  credits, trailer, and MEDIA PHOTOS. Its world premiere: at the Montreal World Film festival in August. Originally a stage production at the Manitoba Theater Centre, POE- LAST DAYS OF THE RAVEN won the top prize as BEST FEATURE FILM last year at the prestigious CInema City International Film Festival, in Los Angeles, at Universal Studios. The world’s first feature film on the life of American  literary icon Edgar Allan Poe was created by a team  including Phil Trumbo, Emmy winner for F/X, Tuomas Kantelinen, composer for the 2008 Academy award nominated foreign film Mongol, Eric Goldstein, the DOP on many Hollywood blockbusters, and Barry Backus, editor of the  Academy award winning documentary Artie Shaw – Time is all you Got, along some of North America’s finest actors, to  create this highly theatrical and fascinating journey into Poe’s imaginative psyche.

See the  website, the front cover of the Hollywood Reporter, and a two page  national article in the Globe and Mail. 🙂

Brent in India - Exploring Sahaja (Spontaneous) Yoga and Meditation

Other Artists (Sahaja Yogis) winning AWARDS in 2010

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  1. Shashidhar

    I feel so excited to see Sahaja Yogis doing well in the field of art. We will surely see eternal creations emitting vibrations for ages to come.

    Kudos and best wishes to Brent, Phil and all the creative geniuses.

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