Meditation with Ahilan’s Magic Tabla in Burlington @ Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Ahilan’s Tabla Solo #1

Ahilan’s Tabla Short Lesson & Solo #2

That evening, once more, we had experienced the vibrations working on us through this spiritually charged type of music; as many participants had confessed, our hearts were following the rhythm of the drum that also liberated our minds … In our modern -busy brains all of sudden there was only peace and silence, both welcoming the cooling music; some of us had experienced tapping showers of mint fresh sensations along the body that penetrated within us in dancing steps that were following the rhythm of this Magic Tabla.

An amazing experience and we are looking forward to have Ahilan as a special guest in early September. Another “not to be missed” special event in Burlington Sahaja Yoga meditation class. 🙂

Enjoy PHOTO-Albums from this event: Dandia Dance and Circle Sharing

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  1. Debbie

    Ahilan is such a talented person and we appreciate very much when he shares this amazing art of tabla music with us. It is very captivating and effortlessly awakens the spirit.

    Thanks so much and lots of love always.

  2. Kartikeya

    Beautiful presentation of rupak taal(7 beat cycle) on Tabla by Ahilan. Thanks for sharing this video!

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