What is the Gold’s Value when The World is Fragmented ? Seeking in Sahaja Yoga: Subtle versus Gross as Light in Darkness

The Values in a Fragmented World

“And it is only possible for people who are of a Subtler Nature to understand the value of Sahaja Yoga, to hold to the Values of Sahaja Yoga, and to retain it in this Fragmented World.”

“The world is fragmented and everybody is acting towards one’s own destruction.”

“All the values which people follow are gross values. Most of the values are absolutely gross. So, for Sahaja Yoga we have to have people who are trying to justify their Subtleties. Such subtle people have always been a little different from the mundane crowd. These people always express themselves in such a manner that their existence itself suggests that they are trying to cement the whole world. This is the calibre of different people. First these people, with that calibre, with that dynamism within them, will be settled in Sahaja Yoga. Not the ordinary or gross type.

But because our doors are open to everyone, because there is no charge or anything, for anything, all sorts of people come in. And when they come in, they do not know what they want. Out of them some could be the grossest of all. Some might be just walking in to take out something..  Such people when they find there is something available, come in and go away. Another kind may be .. is the one which is extremely gross, can think that he can make some living out of our work here by having connections with different people, he can exploit it and make some money out of it. So money-mindedness is a very gross thing. It is very gross thing. If people are money-minded then Sahaja Yoga does not work out well with them.”

How Kshema or The Well-Being Really Works versus The Circle of Greediness

“If you are a subtler person, you will not think what is your advantage monetarily or what you are doing, what is the thing, what gains you have got. Of course you will see that, as Yoga is established, Kshema (means ‘well-being’ in Sanskrit) will be established, your well-being will be established. You will see that clearly. It is to be seen, to be Thankful. And the Kshema is alright because you should not have worry.. But you should have free time to devote yourself to meditation and to Sahaja Yoga. So that you do not have too much worry. That is how the Kshema comes in. But when the Kshema comes in also one may start going into the same circle of greediness having more and more money, more and more this, better clothes, better house, how to get this ? This circle may start. There is no end to it. So you have to cut it down ‘ I am not saying that you just have one dress and all your life you end up with one dress. It doesn’t mean that. Because you know if I say anything people will shoot off to the other end.”

Walking on the Centre & Blossoming Path in Burlington – photo by Louise, Burlington

“I am trying to keep it in the centre. That not too much attention would be required on one side or the other of indulgences or of asceticism..  None of these. You are not to announce anything, neither you have to indulge into anything.”

What Should We Nourish?! How the Subtle is Leading to Light


Smiling & Shining Omar, a Canadian Sahaja Yogi enjoying the Yoga Meditation Retreat & seminar on Sacred Native Indian Land, at Canajoharie, USA after a Purifying Bath with Vibrated Mud from the pond


“But feel your Subtleties, feed them, nourish them. Look after them. You should be proud of your subtleties, that you have these subtler values while others don’t have. And that itself will be so self-sustaining, that you can withhold all these values which you get from your subtleties against the whole world. Because the world is so fragmented, so cut off, that everybody feels lonely. But that does not by any chance mean that you should be arrogant to others, you should be fighting with others. No. But in darkness a Light Shines. The whole is darkness. If the light accepts darkness then it becomes dark. The light must accept that: ‘I am the light. I am the path,’ and should stand. That does not in any way mean any arrogance to others, any showing off to others. But it is the Light and the Light by itself emits.”

The 24 Carat Gold in Sahaja Yoga – From Comparison Towards Giving & Feeling

“A person who is of a calibre has his standards much higher that he cannot compare himself with others. It’s really true. So if I start comparing myself with you, what will be my position ? I can’t do it, you see. Then you say: ‘ it’s all right for you, Mother’. It’s perfect, I agree. It is all right for me as I am, but, you can be like me also. But if I start comparing and thinking ‘Oh God! What is this?’ Then I should give up doing anything, thinking where have I come. But when you know that you are not comparing, you are just Giving, (then the) question of comparison should not arise al all. At all! It is just Feling. I just feel. In the same way you feel each other. Not in an artificial courteous way! Some people think that if they have given seat to some one, they have been really the generous people, the greatest generous people. Just be yourself now, let’s see. Just be yourself. And that you are the light. What is the comparison?!  The comparison exists when our calibre is low. If it is 24 carat gold, what is the comparison ?! It’s Absolute. If you are at an absolute point there’s no comparison. So try to see that your calibre is that. That you are of that calibre. And don’t worry about gross people. Gross are gross, will remain gross, you just don’t worry about them. You keep your calibre all right and that is the most essential part of Sahaja Yoga.”

What is Important & Why?!

“Why Sahaja Yogis are few is because there are very few subtle people in this world of that calibre. That is why I am always requesting you, do not divert your attention here and there. Settle down. Become good Sahaja Yogis. Unless and until you really become good Sahaja Yogis I cannot move to the second strata because the first strata is not yet settled down, they are worrying about nonsensical things I mean I just sometimes feel very unhappy to see you fight amongst yourselves, I mean this is something so painful; that you say harsh words to each other. I mean, you are the cream for me… You go and ask any one of the Gurus if they can move the Kundalini on their fingers as You do it.

These powers cannot be given by an ordinary person. I look ordinary no doubt, I have to, but also you have seen me in other forms-that’s not important. The important thing is you should see your own transformation and how many powers are manifesting. If you go and tell somebody that I have started giving realization and raising Kundalini they will say ‘You are mad, How can this be ? Impossible.’ Nobody is going to believe you at all. You see, you have got it so easily. Why ? Because I recognize that subtleties in you. These Gurus recognize me. They know about me. They know who I am. They are telling others. First of all know that you have these powers within you. Then know that you have got them because I have Chosen you. All right. Good, See now!”

Let’s Tell to our Ego… about our Calibre

“Only thing you get rid of your egos which give you ideas. Sometimes they come like big balloons, so tell yourself: ‘Mr. Ego, Please get out. These powers I have got because Mother has chosen me, has loved me, has nourished me and has accepted me as Her child.’  It is a fact… You have seen it yourself. But just think how Tremendous it is ! Just sit down and think how great it is, how Dynamic it is, that you have seen it with your own eyes. Just think that you have Felt it, that You are the people who have got it. You are the first few who have known it. They may be thousands and thousands later, the whole Universe may take it up but you are the first few.”

“Thank you very much. May God bless you.”

“You prove your calibre. Come up! “

This year is a perfect one for reflections as we celebrate 40 years of Integration allowed to masses, in this much fragmented world – via sahaja yoga meditation – after the universal opening of the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara – One Thousand Petalled Lotus). I hope you’ve enjoyed as much as I did the image of the artwork created by Brigitte & Edward, both sahaja yogis & artists from Austria  &  Canada. Sincerely, when choosing it for Opening this article, I had felt that the image depicts the message of this article, providing as well the Solution for this Fragmented World.  The above paragraphs represent excerpts from another powerful early lecture of the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – the talk is from June 1980, Dollis Hill, London, UK – , still at the beginning of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, in a time when yoga and meditation was unfortunately associated with drugs, alcohol and sex due to the many gurus or  ‘spiritual teachers’ that were around solely for materialistic or malefic reasons. So many seekers were hurt or abused to the core of their being .. and Shri Mataji was helping directly with their Kundalinis and chakras as  a  healing mother, not only as a spiritual teacher. I hope that many of your questions were answered; I know I had found powerful answers for myself and this article represents Halton’s sahaj gift on Canada’s Day – as we are in Vishuddhi Chakra (The Throat Chakra) on the planetary subtle system, and we have to represent the Collectivity at the Subtle Level, so we, the Canadians should contribute with our Lights towards the Integration and Unity of this world, and act against its fragmentation and darkness ..

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  1. Prakash

    A beautiful collection of Mother’s talks. When you finish reading, feel like you were in mediation. So fresh and so soothing.

    So the essence as I understand is that you have to become subtler and subtler as you progress in Sahaja Yoga. Our silence will speak thousand words!!

    Thanks for sharing this blog.

  2. axinia

    I am in awe how you always manage to put right things together and make it so interesting and nourishing!!
    BRAVO and keep it up, my friend!

  3. armaity

    In such a simple way with sahaja answers Shri Mataji adresses all our questions and doubts which may arise in our minds when we see yogis behave in a particular way not befitting them. Also, why we should not be surprised and disturbed to see few people come to Sahaja Yoga, learn all about the great meta-science and then use all the knowledge to propound it as one’s own discovery to make money or earn worldly recognition. We often overlook a simple fact that doors of Sahaja Yoga are open to all and we take everyone as sahaja yogis , even if they are not established.
    Thanks Ioana for bringing this important point out in Mother’s own words.

  4. Debbie

    Be yourself but your best self, do not compare yourself to others, get rid of the ego, be subtle in nature, accept the light and radiate. Thank you for this beautiful message.

    Lots of love always.

  5. Laura


    I really enjoyed your lovely words.Thank you so much.


  6. howard

    I love the photos and the meaningful extracts. The joy of being a Sahaja Yogi is perfectly expressed in Omar’s smile!
    Much love from England

  7. Mircea

    what a feeling reading this gives you…i can’t even express it: tenderness, joy, you just feel the truth resonating in you. thank you so much – mircea

  8. Ayesha nadeem

    I’ve got many of my answeres by this lectures of Shri mata ji and i hope ican be more subtle and balanced person now
    Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us

  9. ene

    THANK YOU for this post!Very simple words ,so much inspiration for as!



  11. chandra

    Every time SHE (Shri Mataji, our teacher) blesses us with HER talks, SHE answers our personal questions and takes us one step towards the ultimate truth.

    Ioana, in a way, whether you know it or not, SHE is answering us all of our questions and clearing all our doubts through you. Otherwise, how could you know to pick and choose appropriate talks and videos!!
    Thank you.

  12. Angela Reininger

    In a talk that Mother gave She asked those present what they believed was the value of gold. There were various replies outlining the commonly accepted concepts surrounding gold. Her answer was that the value of gold is that it cannot be tarnished.
    The subtler we become the more we awaken to the true value of all She has created and by this we are freed from the common illusions that imprisons our pure desire. Thank you for being the catalyst to bring this talk back into my attention. I don’t think I understood it then as I do now.

    1. adrian


      There are two types…

      The one that is illusive… and is external to us…(and can tarnish us).

      The other is Eternal(not tarnishable)… and is found within… upon awakening.

      This reminds me of an excellent read… called the “Alchemist” by Paulo Choello.


  13. adrian

    “when you know that you are not comparing…
    you are just giving”.

    This part of Shri Mataji’s quote addresses the notion that we spend a lot of time COMPARING ourselves to whatever.

    The point is… there is no need to compare ever… for in doing that we begin to immerse ourselves into EGOness.

    So the tendency may be that in discovering ones POWER through self realization that we may know more/are more/and should be recognized for that moreness.

    This is of course not the case… because that sets up the idea of being BETTER… and that is the illusion that prevents one from expanding more into the SELF

    So there is no need to ever COMPARE… not even to Shri Mataji… for that will be the very thing that prevents you from realizing… REALizing who you really are.

    So, just be yourself.

  14. yvonne hullin

    it is realy nessasary to be remembered what we are, again and again each day of our lifes. We are the spirit, we are the light and to compare with gross in this fragmented world is not nessasary !!!
    Thank You Shri Mataji.
    Thank you Ioana.
    All my love

  15. adrian

    Shri Mataji… “On Indulgences and Asceticism”. My thoughts/feelings on that.

    Being in the center!
    Somewhere between indulgence…
    And asceticism!
    Indulging oneself…
    How much do I need!
    Do I have enough?
    Being ascetic…
    denying oneself!
    Of what?
    I don’t want anything?
    I don’t need anything???
    I enjoy denying myself!

    Being in the center…
    The pure Joy of just Being…
    What does that mean…?
    “Simply Being”… is the answer.
    So what does that mean!

    1. adrian


      more or less…
      more and more…
      or less and less…
      more is less…
      and less is more…
      What does it mean to be?
      What does it mean to be called a…
      Human Being…
      Who called it to be so!
      Being human…
      Human being…


  16. Rajendra Tosawar

    Gold remains Gold untarnished, we should be in the same way.
    nice explanation.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  17. Antoinette Wells

    dear Iona, I totally agree with you the way you read the opening ceremony of the Olympics: it was uplifting; also right in the beginning the Great Saint (for us) William Blake was mentioned and a choir of children sang Jerusalem; so in some way it was asking for Shri Bhairava’s blessings, then a lady sang ‘God abides by me’ for the victims of the terrorits attacks. there were a lot of symbols and SUBTELTIES which were very enjoyable. Thank you also for posting again these amazing talks of Shri Mataji; you are really able to keep the momentum… Lots of love to you and your collectivity

  18. Teo Anghelina

    Da, draga Ioana, si Romania este in Vishudhi chakra, si la noi este cazul sa indepartam fragmentarea , care nu poate fi decat artificiala !
    Multumim din inima pentru aceasta minunata compilare, si sa ne dorim success reciproc in munca pe care doreste Mama s-o efectuam ! Cu drag, teo din Romania, Jai, Shri Ganesha ! Jai, Shri Mataji !

  19. arie/adrian

    Values in a fragmented world…

    We speak of HER…
    And her feminine aspect…
    And the wonder of HER Being…

    Yet there is a Father…
    The Warrior…
    Yet his True Being is…
    His Gentleness…
    His compassion…

    Happy Father’s Day…

    Seeing Father in Mother…
    And Mother in Father…

    The courage to BE.

  20. Paula Erskine

    Feeling a sense of awe…thank you for sharing and to all the commentators, such a high calibre of people Sahaja Yoga draws in and keeps expanding into mainstream consciousness.

  21. Jolanta

    Very useful information.

  22. Jolanta

    Thank you for sharing this blog. It has helped me understand certain people’s attitudes and some events I witnessed.
    I agree that Canada has a potential for contributing towards the integration and unity of this world, and act against its fragmentation and darkness.
    I chose to immigrate here many years ago because i believed the advertisement of this country, and was not aware or even familiar, at that time, with the concept of advertising.

  23. Jolanta

    Re-reading this article brought my attention to the second paragraph (starting with “All”) and the third paragraph (starting with “But”) – original excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talks, which everyone should read, especially if they are new to Sahaja Yoga. Thank you Dear Ioana for recommending this article in our on-line classes.

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