February 17 – Invitation to Special Free Event: “Sahaj Valentine Day – Happy Heart Chakra with Meditation, Drums and Healthy Tips”

The Heart is the Centre point of the Creation (Shri Mataji)

and hence All Chakras are subservient to it. It is the power-house of the body and from it energy flows to all other points. It is the seat of the Spirit, the ultimate source of all power…” Shri Mataji -founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation


On Wednesday, February 17 , from 7PM till 9 PM

We invite Everyone to this Unique Event that combines Art & Spirituality & Medicine for the wellness, balance and joy of our Hearts.

Where & When: here and additional info (parking) here.

The event is sponsored by Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Halton.

Special Guests:

  • 2 Doctors (from Russia and India) that are also advanced practitioners of Spontaneous Yoga – they will present the benefits of Meditation (particularly sahaja yoga meditation) for the Heart chakra and our Immune system that this chakra is managing
  • Omar from Toronto bringing to us the African Drum-Djembe beat
  • Ahilan from Oakville presenting Shri Shiva’s Rhythms in the Tandava Dance played on Tabla (Indian Drum)

Imaginary FAQ

  • Shiva’s Tandava Dance  is a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution
  • Why Drums and Elefants on a Valentine Day Event?! The connections will be disclosed during the event
  • Yes, we’ll also have a General Workshop with meditation focused on the Heart Chakra  and Q&A with our special guests by the end of the event
  • Yes, it is a family event – your kids would LOVE it!

Of course the Heart Chakra is associated with Love and Valentine Day is dedicated to Love  – we’ll simply elevate the significance of this event as we’ll embark on a journey to discover the many layers of the:  Love,  Spirit (love’s source) and Heart (love’s home).

Come and Enjoy a Truly Memorable Event!

Definitely Bring along your Valentine(S) – Family and Friends!

4 Responses to “February 17 – Invitation to Special Free Event: “Sahaj Valentine Day – Happy Heart Chakra with Meditation, Drums and Healthy Tips””

  1. Lmdhara says:

    Wahooo ! So nice symbolic image of elephants !
    It represents Shri Ganesha, the master of left side which open the heart as step for opening Sahasrara.

  2. anaic says:

    Great programme indeed ! I wish I could come to dance on the rhythm on Omar’s Djembe beats !

  3. Gulnaz says:

    Sounds really great! really amazing! I wish I could come to join you guys! Why is France so away?… I’ll be with you, in my attention. That’s for sure…

  4. […] (Note the famous Assyrian relief from the palace of Nineveh seen behind Kahlil Gibran’s mother is of the wounded lioness, projecting in Kahlil Gibran’s vision the immense strength, power of sacrifice and fearless protectiveness that resides in a Mother’s heart.  Kahlil Gibran is a realized soul – meaning that his Kundalini energy was fully awakened, flowing beyond his crown chakra, thus connecting him to the universal consciousnesses and pure knowledge.  Let’s observe how his mother’s hands are placed on the centre heart chakra aspect. We know from sahaja yoga that the centre heart chakra is bestowing the powers and qualities of courage, fearless, compassion expressed…. […]

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