Happy New Year 2010 – Enjoy YOUR Felicitation Cards with Music, Fun & Bliss!!



Happiness deep down within.
Serenity with each sunrise.
Success in each facet of your life.
Family beside you.
Close and caring friends.
Health, inside you.
Love that never ends.
Special memories of all the yesterdays.
A bright today with much to be thankful for.
A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows.
Dreams that do their best to come true.
Appreciation of all the wonderful things about you.

Mahvash & family (from Austria)


Via Sebastian, Romania – Sahaj New Year messages from Shri Mataji -Part #1

“I have to really make a very, very straightforward appeal to you that: Now, grow within yourself. Are you magnanimous, are you generous, are you systematic? Are you impressive, are you kind, are you collective? Are you attached to all these nonsensical things still? Do you talk big, do you give big lectures? Humble down yourself, and then you’ll see your greatness. Unless and until you put your head down to your heart, how will you see your Mother?

I wish you all great luck now, and Happy Christmas to you and Happy New Year, and a Very Great New Year in Spiritual Growth. Let’s show it! Let all of us decide today. Forget about .. this and that nonsense. Now you are yogis, you are united with Divine. Grow in it, prosper in it. May God bless you all.” (England, Christmas 1984)

From Romica, Romania / Spain

Happy New Year - from Romica, Romania/Spain

From Magdalena, Canada


We could only hope to have that kind of peace on earth someday.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace


Fun Twinkle Twinkle – Indian style from Margaret, Canada

Dedicated to Jesus on Christmas by Hitesh, Nepal

Via Sebastian, Romania – Sahaj New Year Messages from Shri Mataji – Part #2

“So, I have to tell you that keep the connection on. Not only that, but try to make it stronger and stronger, and become one with that divine force permanently, which will flow through you and will not only enlighten you but will give you so many powers, and you will see the New Life in this New Year.  Yesterday, as I requested you, we have to work it out now. .You need not ask me any permissions, and you can try everything that you want to. But should be something decent, should not be something indecent and something which is not behoving a Sahaja Yogi. Even if you have to write letters or answers or anything, even if you have to show the anger it should be done in a very decent and a beautiful manner. And it should show that it’s a yogi who is talking. The other things, whatever problems you have, will be solved in no time. But the main problem is yourself, it should be solved by you by meditative methods. And so much attention we are paying to all our extra-curricular activities but that will definitely fail, it will boomerang on you if you do not have the foundation of Sahaja Yoga. It is very important to keep attention on your Spirit all the time so that whatever you are doing, whatever you are projecting, has the base and you just don’t get lost. This is a very important thing, and I am sure that you will understand that without the nourishment from the roots you cannot grow. So this nourishment must be kept..” (India, New Year’s Day, 1991)

2 Wonderful Sahaj Cards from Navini, UAE



Via Sebastian, Romania – Sahaj New Year Messages from Shri Mataji – Part #3

“But only good decisions are to be taken on the New Year’s Day—that’s the custom with human beings. So today you all have to take the decision that: ‘What is our achievement? Are we sharing with others?’ It’s the greatest Truth you have got. Nobody got it—people worked so hard, did so much—nobody could give Realisation (= raise  the Kundalini energy to others)! It’s only you can give Realisation, it’s very surprising. Kabir could not give Realisation to anybody. Gyanadeva could not give Realisation to anybody. All of them have been great, great Saints of great value system and with great understanding. Whatever poetry they have given, people are singing—that’s all.

But, they cannot give Self-Realisation which you can do. With all that power, if you are not giving Realisation, what’s the use of giving power to someone like that? So today’s New Year’s message is that: ‘Next year you must give Self-Realisation to many people. How many people have you given Realisation?’ That’s the main thing. Just find out. What have you done throughout the year? I don’t know how to count it. But you, yourself count:’What have we done all these years? What have we achieved? .. All my blessings for the New Year, for all of you ‘Happy New Year’! May God bless you!'” (India, New Year’s Eve, 2001)

From Ioana – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

merry-christmas from Adrieana - Halton - Canada

(Auld Lang Syne – sang by Mairi Campbell, talented Irish Sahaja Yogini – feel the beautiful vibrations)

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    Happy New Year to everyone everywhere!

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    merry christmas and happy new year to all!
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    What a wonderful job, so creative, so artistic, so beautiful… no words just the presence of our loved Holly Mother. thanks a lot for shearing the vibrations of the artistic minds.

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    “things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out”…

    Thanks for that Romica

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    What beautiful sentiments expressed. All the very best to everyone this new year.

    Lots of love always.

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