Sahaj Values as Benefits and Responsibilities

Discover why one can perceive the Sahaj Values as Benefits and Responsibilities


Let’s go through this quote from our Sahaja Yoga Master – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. You can feel guided through the various layers of the ‘sahaj values’ or ideals and in the same time absorb their meaning and potency when applied in our daily lives. Let’s learn, apply and enjoy the loving wisdom from Shri Mataji!

“Sahaja Yoga is a very big subject…. This is the one by which you get your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integration because all the centres come into play and enlightenment into All the four aspects of your life, into the Totality, so that you feel your Wholesomeness in Collective Consciousness.

Now it is quite complicated sentence I have said, in short, but if you have any problem about it, you can ask me without any fear because I am your mother.

You have felt my love, but your love must also be felt. Because God is Love, so your love must be felt by others. Others must feel that you are compassionate, loving, understanding. All the time this will of God is flowing through you and you have to work it out in such a manner that people should know that you are a saint, that this power is flowing through you.

“…what you’ve got out of it is the essence of it, one has to know, is a complete freedom, you have achieved your complete freedom.

Once you are a realized soul you have all the control, all the powers to take your soul wherever you feel like; to be born if you like, if you don’t want, you will not be born. You must know your position as eternal being, what is your work, what is your idea, what you have to do.

You can do what you like because you only like that is righteous, that is good, that is constructive, that is helpful. Now you are so powerful that nothing can stick to you. That is the purity of your character that has come up.

What gives me the greatest enjoyment is to see how you love each other, care for each other, joke with each other, and dance with each other.

When a drop becomes the ocean, it has become the ocean but it’s not the drop anymore.

This is what you have – a very great, generous, beautiful, dharmic Heart – you have got it – as a present from the Divine and which you must respect. You should be proud of and enjoy it – as you should enjoy your generosity, you should enjoy the way all this nature is enjoying itself.” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Photo from  a Special Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class celebrated around New Year time

Personal Note: We are so close to the end of this year and it’s always good to take few moments and reflect upon what has Real value in our life. The above advices are coming directly from Shri Mataji  – our Yoga Meditation Teacher that had always manifested towards her students/followers/disciples as a very loving and caring Mother as well – , and possibly represent the best possible reminder of what Sahaj Values are standing for! It’s always good to remember, transmit and enjoy these Sahaj values as a Divine Gift of Integration & Enlightenment Through Meditation.

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  1. adrian

    “on freedom”… the realization of complete freedom… to be who you are… there are some very deep realizations that come with understanding the meaning of complete freedom…

    The idea of complete freedom is simple, but we seem always to want to complicate that… it is about showing compassion, love and understanding to others as well to ourselves… that way we can embrace who we are, how we are and why we are…

  2. Carmen

    I think that as a SY our commitment is for a lifetime is not what we are to do to improve ourselves for the next year, it is for our whole life and exactly this commitment is what makes it so wonderfull, immerse yourself in Love for your whole life it is just amazing.

    Thank you and Happy New Year to all.


  3. Analuiza Torres

    Thanks a lot for the excerpt! A prosperous New Year to all!

  4. Chandra Sekhar

    I am here in this beautiful land, India.
    Here, I see Shri mathaji’s hands playing in all aspects of life. With all the discouraging things that is going around the whole world, beleive me, Shri Mathaji’s words and HER love is the real source of hope. I see HER plans and plays here, not just thorugh ordinary people like us but even through many enlightened people….. SHE is in everywhere here, SHE in in every activity here ….SHE is all over here, …..
    Looking back into my life in 2009, SHE has removed many undesirables from my heart … removed anger, removed hatred, removed fear(not yet completely) and above all, SHE sow the seed of love in my heart!
    (I used to treat LOVE as ‘untouchable, an act of weak ones).
    And, in 2009,through Anjali, Shri Mathaji taught me that surrendering is not an act of weakness, but an act of courage and strength and complete surrendering is the only way of surrendering; through Abe SHE taught me how one can by simple and yet devine; through Ioana SHE told me that,ultimately, it is the LOVE that wins and it is the ‘LOVING’ that matters; through my wife Shri Mathaji told me to keep working sincerely and you touch the divinity for sure.
    I hope you too see such changes in your heart and that is my new year wish to all my loved ones in Sahaja.

    1. adrian

      Happy New Year Chandra…

      I LOVE what you say about “SURRENDERING”… it is at the heart of “HONORING” yourself and others… and is the secret to letting go all “FEAR”.

      Joy to you…

    2. Avdhut

      India, the home of humanity. May it be realised soon by everyone, and made real by more great Sahaja Yogis like you.

  5. Alexis Titian

    I think to strive for the drop becoming the ocean, yet it is not the drop any longer – that is just beautiful – thank you for the loving words.

    thank you and Happy New Year

  6. armaity

    Chandra, it feels so good to hear from you about the changes within you that happened– the transformation from within which happens when we sincerely meditate and introspect. I wish many others in Sahaja also have the courage to speak about it, rather than many we find who blindly believe when Mother says that ‘you all are saints now’ and thus do not understand the need to ascend in SY and transform themselves from within spontaneously by introspection and meditation.

  7. Rabi

    It feels so nice to read comments from so many beautiful people around …the true seekers ….

    The text of Mother’s teachings seems to be so farsighted and apt in current context. We are basically rational beings with our innate intelligence to set forth and adapt to new situations. Like whenever there is a crisis we adopt techniques to combat such situations.

    It is needless to mention that several philosophers have published their philosophies on life and actions to that could be initiated. Even philosophies at times seems so theoritical and dry. But when we read through Mother’s Divine teachings we at once expreinece a rare love within and feel our shortcomings giving way as we develop a kind of strength by experiencing practical solutions in life . And that is by facing the Truth.

    All falsehood and feigning drops off at the end of the day. We spontanously try to adopt a few of those philosophies to be part of our new principles of actions…I have experienced myself in my case to really work out wonders in my life.

    What I have observd is that the teachings of Shri Mataji had always be profound and very deep-rooted.I always felt whenever you read them you will feel as if it was being spoken in today’s modern concept while She may have spoken about these four decades ago. That is the beauty.

    What She always desired was that the evolution of human race must get a trigger our consciousness to catapult like a new capsule ejecting out of the weared out capsule to attain greater ascent.

    It is not a gross physical aspect but an emotional aspect in us empowered by intelligence that creates discretion to choose…. To be able to distictly choose the right from the wrong and drop the falsehood by accepting the truth. Not by mere nuturing our innate academical acumen. But, through means of imbibing a state of higher awareness in our collective conciousness . Shri Mataji always felt we should attain the higher awareness that we deserve at this stage of our evolution. Thus She blessed us with a very precious gift- the element of love-. So that we ourselves become the symbol of pure ‘Love’. So that we become another living example of carrier of those innate ‘higher awareness’ within our collective consciousness state.

    Thank you all for having shared our precious comments in this comment strings. It feels good to read each and every comment so beautifully composed and commented in this website.

    1. adrian

      “to be able to choose right from wrong… and drop falsehood by accepting truth”

      I would like to expand on your thoughts about choosing…

      Choosing infers that there is a choice to be made… and for a person that is realized it becomes a matter of making more “conscious choices”, rather than choices that are made without “realizing”!

      For me it is also about understanding the meaning of words such as right vs wrong or falsehood vs. truth… I mean their inherent context. For example… we can spend all of our time in inaction because we constantly worry about whether the choice is right or wrong.. false or truthful! This allows “fear” to permeate into our being … and the result of that is to always “block” the natural flow of our inherent love.

      Trusting yourself to be in that natural flow of “Being” allows one to choose without the fear of right or wrong… it is OK to make a mistake… as long as you learn from that choice. So I prefer to eliminate words such as right vs wrong, and instead focus on how I can be consciously responsible for the choices that I make… in that way I understand that I can constantly remain in the present by the mere fact that I take responsibility for what I say and do… that I am constantly learning about how to remain in the present with respect to the newness of those choices that I make. That is what it means to be your own Master… it becomes moreso less and less about being fearful of making choices… rather being confident about choosing because you “realize” that you are REALIZED.

      So the next time you hear a person talking about being worried about this and that, just ask this question…

      “will worrying add one minute to the span of your life?” or “does worrying really serve any useful purpose?”

      Just BE in the present and allow Change to occur naturally.

  8. Ajay Nargas

    Ioana ..Thanks for sharing precisely compiled excerpts from mataji teachings. Even more wonderfully re-explained by Sahaj yogi across world . Mataji Vision to create self realised own gurus is evident. Wish all Yogis seeking truth across globe to have wonderful year 2023

  9. NITI

    Through this compilation of mothers words I can feel her love for us and in this love she just wants the ascend of sahajyogis and her love flow through them ,to the whole universe and divine wisdom should develop In all of us .Thanks Ioana for always providing the heart lifing knowledge of mothers words.

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