Meditate and Learn about The Divine Feminine in Chakras

Join the Free Series: “The Divine Feminine in Chakras” offered in June

A session

You are invited to join our series of three sessions in June 2023 offered on Wednesdays at Orchard Hub.

It’s time to Meditate and Learn about our essential principles that are built-in our subtle energy centers.

Please, reach out to [email protected] or call 416-294-5118 for any question.

Guided meditation and simple mantras are incorporated in the format of these classes.

Check the Information Summary:

Photo from Burlington (May 2023)

Where? Orchard Community Hub, in St. Christopher’s Catholic Elementary School, 2400 Sutton Dr, Burlington L7L 7A9

Note: make sure to go around the school, the entrance is facing the Easton Road (opposite to the main school entrance).
Time? 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Days?  June 14, 21 and 28 ( Wednesdays)
Cost? Free! as they are priceless. They are offered with genuine love for Seekers from all walks of life.

Note: chairs are available; however, bring your own mat in case you prefer to sit on the floor.

These sessions are open to those genuinely interested in Meditation and Spirituality.

See you there !

Why Mental Silence is Good for Chakras

Join the Royal Silence of the Crown Chakra

Photo from another going deeper session on the Crown chakra in Burlington.

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