What is Canada’s CHAKRA and Spiritual Role?

Let’s find out What is Canada‘s Chakra and what is Canada‘s Spiritual Role in the World

Our meditation altar that has the attention on Canada and all its peoples, on their past, present and future together.As sahaja yogis we realize that we need to reach also within, for the subtle power within that is connected to Mother Earth and that helps us connect and integrate at the subtle level with the Collective Consciousness.

Today on September 30 in Canada, the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation is observed, giving the opportunity to learn and reflect about the Truth of the past, pray and make willing steps towards a deeper awareness that we walk on a land that was for many millenias a vibrant home for a diversity of peoples and their communities.

Vase from Iroquion village at Crawford lake

Vase from Iroquion village at Crawford lake



Burlington Joseph Brant Festival

Burlington Joseph Brant Festival



Pow-Wow at Western University

Pow-Wow at Western University





(3 min video) Learn about Water People, Blood and Listen to Strong Women Song

Public Program “RAIN to heal M.E” – Realize Awareness in Nations to Heal Mother Earth” organized by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation in 2016 dedicated to Mother Earth and its peoples.
Did You kow?!

Did you know?! “The Strong Women’s Song should be credited to the Anishinabe kwewag and Zhoganosh kwewag who were in solitary confinement in the Prison For Women in Kingston, Ontario during the 1970’s. Nancy said “It was these women who had this song come to them. My understanding, from one of the women I sing with and who went to P4W to work with the women there at that time, that this song emerged as a way of staying alive, of supporting each other in that hell hole. Many women in P4W lost their lives because of the horrendous conditions there. We sing this song to honour them, and all women.” (Ojibwe.net, 2016)

Posters created by our Halton team of volunteers to create awareness.

Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – spoke decades earlier, loud and clear, the truth that was hard to hear, about the genocide happening in Americas; about the multi-generational injustice and pain as results of these lands’ colonization.

Here there is an excerpt from Shri Mataji’s talk in Auckland, New Zeland on April 10th, 1994:

“Anything is all right as long as you have money?! If you can make money, ‘nothing matters’. So this is one of the illusions that human beings have created is what you call is “money maya/illusion” and in that comes also the wealth, possessions, materialism. Everything is created by human beings, and this creation of materialism then boils you down to a personality which is involved in all sinful acts. Everything is all right because if money is all right, materialism is all right.

For example, the way people went down to America – Spanish – and killed so many aboriginals there. Then also, English went and all kinds of people went there in America. The way they have tortured is something, is you cannot think how human beings can behave like this towards ordinary people. How can you do such a thing to them, such horrible, you can call it a genocide! It’s really a terrible thing they did it. “

With another ocassion, during Shri Virata Puja international Sahaja Yoga event at Camp Wonposet in Connecticut (USA), on June 11th, 1989, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji – advsed the large gathering of sahaja yogis:

“You had in this country great people, persons like Abraham Lincoln who gave such great ideas to the whole world. Why not you people be great? He was a realized soul, all right, but he didn’t know anything about Ida, Pingala and Sushumna . Why can’t you become great like him? So on a Virata Puja we have to decide that we are all going to express the conception that was once the Virat as Reality in our lives. This is what we have to pray from our heart.

And there’s a very good occasion today to do that, because we are sitting in a place where there were so many of these  aboriginal people, you call them anything. They were so sensible, as in America you say brass tacks, you see. They knew the principle how to lead a real spiritual life. They were very free people, extremely free and so detached.

So if you do not correct yourself, then there will be a problem on Collectivity. If there’s a problem in collectivity, it will reflect on you, because you are part and parcel of the whole.

If there’s a problem in the whole being, there’s a problem for you. And if there’s a problem in one part, there’s a problem for the whole being. You see, all these sayings show us that this is a country of Virat, where they talk of collectivity, they have all the communications which are important. Every sort of communication is important, but for Sahaja Yogis it has to be very subtle, very dynamic, very beautiful, very loving, very impressive, magnetic. Then only the communications will work.”

As already mentioned, Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – spoke decades earlier, loud and clear, the truth that was hard to hear, about the genocide happening in Americas; about the multi-generational injustice and pain as results of these lands’ colonization.



We cannot and will not speak on behalf of those that are directly impacted, but we will try to open the gates towards the subtle knowledge about Canada’s role and the “chakra” (the subtle energy of Mother Earth) that it represents. This is our way to contribute, the best we can, towards awareness and hope for becoming enlightened people that will never (again) hurt each other, nor Mother Earth through our impure or materialistic desires, negative thoughts or cunning evil actions.

Collection of Videos

Recorded live (program1) a guided meditation session, with focus on Canada and with special guidance from Shri Mataji visiting Canada

Recorded live (Program2) with focus on Canada and with Shri Mataji answering questions from Canadian seekers in Vancouver.

Recorded live (Program 3) with focus on Canada and with Shri Mataji introducing Sahaia Yoga to the Canadian Seekers.

Deep program with Guided Sahaja Yoga Meditation, chakra cleaning exercises and Video Excerpts based on the Talks of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Powerful program for Canadian Sahaja Yogis, teaching further about the subtle role of Canada

Learn more about specific techniques used in Sahaja Yoga Meditation to clear the subtle energy centers, as well meditate for Canada and the World

Collection of Articles

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If a reader is new to what this day is about we recommend you the following links: Truth and Reconciliation Commission also find out about the Calls to Justice of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Also, an important takeaway on this day, would be to reflect on the subtle and essential qualities of Women. Let’s listen to Shri Mataji, feel the eternal Truth that can bring harmony in our communities, in our global family.

(click) Article with VIDEO: (45 Seconds) Native Drums with Youth Meditators at Round House of New Credit First Nation

Let us know your impressions about what was shared here. Definitely we recommend you to explore the videos that introduce you to Canada’s Subtle Role and importance as a Chakra in Mother Earth’s spiritual body. We hope it made a difference in your understanding and openess on this important matter for our collective life together, here and for the new generations to come.

Group photo from the beautiful publc program “RAIN to Heal M.E” – Realize Awareness in Nations to Heal Mother Earth – March 21, 2016 in Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada.

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