Canadian Joy Unleashed in Burlington on Colombian Rhythms with Anandita!

On DAY 1 the Canadian Joy was Unleashed in Burlington on the Colombian Rhythms with Anandita Basu

Enjoy the following 2 Amazing Videos from the 1st DAY of Anandita Basu’s Canadian Tour “When Rhythm becomes Meditation”. This great artist brought the Colombian and Indian rhythms to Canada at the invite of the Halton Sahaja Yogis. We called our programs: “Art and Spirituality with Sahaja Yoga Meditation”.  Make sure you WATCH both videos until the very end.

The 1st video has a nice story: One gentleman was declaring sincerely after the Meditation session that he still does not feel the cool breeze of Kundalini; no vibrations at all. After Anandita’s second song and dance, followed by a short sahaja yoga meditation workshop with the awakening of Kundalini through music he exclaimed loudly, that he unexpectedly had felt the cool breeze and that now it doesn’t stop!! Then Anandita invited him to join and dance with her on the stage on Colombian Rhythms and he did so, an he danced so very well! Then, many others followed until EVERYONE was dancing!! Enjoy!

Part#1 – Colombian Folk Dance with Anandita

Part 2 – General Joy – Everyone is on the Stage!!

Feel free to share this  SNAP Burlington Article with anyone that would love this “sample” of Canadian Unleashed Joy happening during a freezing November here in Burlington! The videos were filmed at Brant Hills Community Centre on November 24th, 2009.

It was our 1st “Art & Spirituality: When Rhythm becomes Meditation” Public Program. We hope you’ve enjoyed the feeling. The event was sponsored by Halton – Sahaja Yoga  Meditation Network. Please, drop a comment with your sincere impression. Thank you. 🙂

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  1. Mary Iglesias

    Thank you for the pleasure of these moment, I fell that we are united,even in the distance.Mary.

  2. paula erskine

    When Anandita invited everyone to dance, it didn’t take long for everyone to get dancing! We got lost in the music, we couldn’t stop laughing and smiling, we were thoughtlessly aware, the joy was palpable! I feel so proud to be part of such a positive, spontaneous group of joyful people from all cultures! The language of dance is international! I danced with Sujata’s grandma, children, my mom, my family, and my sahaja family. It was bliss, we were in the moment, in the present, spreading happiness. Meditation is not static. Your legs are dancing, your kundalini is dancing, and the art of dance inspired all of us to express ourselves! We were IN meditation because we realized who we were at our core, and we carry that with us as we dance through the tests life bring us. Anandita once again, proved to all of us how ART & SPIRITUALITY go hand in hand. We were in the moment! It was a beautiful, magical night!

  3. Chandra Sekhar

    Columbian Folk Dance Part -I.
    THE FIRST PRICE GOES TO …… that lady with pInk blouse, not becAuse she is my dear wife, but she is good in her hip-hop dance!

    ANANDITA …. she is “Atheetha AANADA” (BOUNDLESS HAPPINESS) indeed!
    I have mixed feelings, I miss the great event, but, again, I haven’t, really!!
    The video brought back all my SAHAJA HAPPINESS in me.
    The dance is so charged with energy! I gained my Oakvile Happiness and strength when I see each of those familiar faceS of my SAHAJA groUp.
    Thanks Ioana, thanks SY friends and thanks dear wifly for a sending me such a special show.
    Above all, Anandita, you are superb with all your positive energies in you. (I have not seen the second part yet!)
    My Sahaja family brings strength during trying (and tiring) times. This great event has done that to me today.
    A PS though: Where was the Angel that evening?

    1. Ioana

      Dear Chandra, so nice to hear from you! I rarely respond in such a ‘public’ way, but because everyone might wonder “why Angels were missing our beautiful get-together”.. I am answering.. ‘Angel’ is how you so dearly call your niece, Abi.. and she was there actually, making photos and avoiding them all together :-)) well taking care of our guests. So nice to hear from you dear Chandra and your sahaj family is missing you and we wish you all the best!

  4. Yolanda Ardila

    Hermoso trabajo Anindita, espcialmente la creatividad de subir la kundalini danzando la cumbia.


  5. chandra

    First, I watched these two videos of Anandita while I was in Inda. Next, I am watching second time today (July 09, 2010).
    We have to have Anadita again here. If she cannot come, we all go to her as a BIG GROUP in a BIG BUS (or a BIG PLANE). The joy is worth the travel.
    Comment please.

  6. armaity

    I just saw both the videos and it brought a smile on my lips and joy to my heart to see the familiar faces of my Toronto Sahaja family dancing with such abandon and swaying to the music in sheer joy !! I may have missed being in person at this wonderful evening but participating through the video made me surely a part of it. Thanks Ioana and Anandita to make this magic possible.

  7. Elsie

    I was there and I danced. I spotted myself in one corner. It was an evening filled with joy, a wonderful evening. Everyone had a smile on their face. I am smiling as I type this. a beautiful memory. thanks Ioana for help bringing Anandita to Burlington she’s a treasure.

  8. Chandra Sekhar

    I watched again these two videos today (February 8, 2012).
    It astonishes me how much joy we all would have missed if we did not have this Sahaja Family of ours.
    Shri Mataji, Namo Namaha..

  9. K C Gupta

    My self fully agreed with SY Chandra Sekhar, Indeed we are enjoying 2nd birth through Sahaja yoga to avail the ultimate union with all-mighty,through her blessings.
    Many many thanks to mother.

  10. Jolanta

    I was not there and I wish I were able to view the videos.

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