Day 8 – Whitby Realizing “When Rhythm Becomes Meditation” with Anandita!

Anandita Playing with the Strings of  Emotions in Whitby – Making everyone’s Heart Sing & Dance!


From Reg, Whitby

Firstly i would like to thank  for having Anandita’s Canadian Tour organized. Her stay in Whitby was a tremendous joyful experience for both yogis and seekers alike.

Anandita, Reg (the Story teller), Howard (the main presenter!) and Emiliana - all GTA sahaja yogis

It is beyond me how she can endure continued travel and performance with very little rest…

The Whitby Library supported this event by supplying the extra room and sound equpment free of charge. We had about seventy people in the room.

Whitby Audience

The audience soon relaxed when Anandita started to dance after short introduction by Howard. Anandita proceeded to put everyone at ease and so gave them realization.


The result was great as almost every seeker received their self-realization.

Checking the Flow of Kundalini about the heads - the actualizing of the Self Realization experiment

The audience joined in singing Maha Kali and ended with dancing to Colombian music. We then spent about an hour talking to excited seekers and taking lots of photographs. It was a night to remember!!

Siva (thank to him we have the photos and videos!), Anandita and Andrew (flute and harmonium player) - enjoying the vibrations of Friendship as well

Anandita and the 2 sahaja yogis that accompanied her: Andrew andDancing.. Cheryl, Erna, Anandita and another sahaja yogi from WhitbyThe photogapher from the local paper took many pictures over a period of about half an hour so i must say that Anandita has been a wonderful example on how to share Sahaja Yoga Meditation and i am confident that we will benefit in Durham Region.
Thanks, Reg

Whitby and Anandita - one universal family

Yes, Loved & Embraced by Anandita’s “Art & Spirituality”

Anandita's heart ..

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  1. Shirley

    Beautiful! Truly meditation in motion.
    Thank you.

  2. K.Subbi Reddy, Hyd.A.P.India

    Beautiful vibrations and thanks for publishing

  3. Elsie

    Anandita has such a beautiful smile. Her warmth and talent will attract many people to come to Sahaja Yoga. I wish I could have travelled to Whitby.

  4. Debbie

    I have seen Anandita’s performances – she is remarkably talented and a beautiful person inside and out.

    Lots of love always.

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