Sorin – Born again Testimonial

Sorin – yogi meditator and vocal lead for some of the musical performances offered during the many Public programs organized in Burlington by the Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation team of volunteers.

Let’s listen to Sorin who is a Sahaja Yogi now, sharing his ‘Born Again’ Testimonial about Sahaja Yoga Meditation impacting his life on such a deep and profound level

” It is so simple but the believing process it might be so complicated. What our world should look like if we would all live in this Truth ?! ” Sorin 🙂

We come to this earth, from a mother, we live our adventure that is given to us, and then we return to another Mother, Mother Earth.

Each of us experiences sooner or later, in the course of our lives, moments of solitude, no matter how many friends we have and how much loved we are. In such cases, some of us feel the sadness of loneliness, but others are curious about life and its purpose, asking ourselves the classical existential questions: who am I, and why am I here?

Photo capturing the beautiful sunset sky above Ontario Lake by the Burlington Lakeshore.

From a young age we are taught how to perceive the world we live in, how to understand it, and how to adapt so that we can live. Our mind is increasingly loaded with various information, words, events, science, intellectual knowledge, emotions, feelings, pain and many other perceptions that help us understand the human world. I could say that we are lucky with such moments of solitude, because they are like breaks given to life, when we can get out from the outside world and enter the world within us.

I was no exception, I have lived these solitudes even when I have been surrounded by people who are close to me, and in one of those moments I wondered: why am I alone? And that’s where the search started. At first, there were just some simple questions: how did I get in this situation? Why do I feel attraction to some things and others leave me indifferent? Why do I have some qualities that others don’t have, but I also lack the qualities of others?

These questions, however, have turned into a more in-depth research that slowly, slowly, has guided my steps to the world beyond words, which we call the Spiritual one.

Photo captured by Ana-Bianca from Burlington when she was a teenager joining a youth summer camp in Italy near Cabella.

Living in the communist time before the Romanian revolution, I was educated to be an atheist, to believe in science, to avoid the church and spiritual teachings that could not be explained and experienced in a palpable and logical form.

It is hard to seek spirituality without even browsing the Bible once, and especially the New Testament in which the Son of Man brought such significant new details. Every man who reads this book understands it in his way, and every time you read it again you find new things that you wonder how you haven’t seen them before, because they’re so clear.  

I do not know what knowledge others have received by reading this Holly book, but I have been directed to these truths: 1. We are souls placed in our bodies. 2. We must be born again to come to know the Truth. 3. Lord Jesus promised to send the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, who will all the knowledge we have been asking for.

It was a warm day of August, when I was heading to a meeting place where there were some people who claimed to know how you can reach your inner Self, through a simple experience called Self-Realization. I came to learn about this meeting through a series of very interesting and well-connected events, which I later understood they were part of my spiritual journey. Once in that room, I was greeted by a lady who had a very bright and happy face, and who invited me to sit down because the presentation was about to begin. I can’t remember very well what was said, but I do remember the presenter’s enthusiasm and impatience to get to do the promised experience. Here we are at the moment long awaited by me. I was a bit nervous but extremely curious, and everything began with the lady telling us to close our eyes and bring our attention inside. Step by step I was led to the moment when I said the truth about myself:

       I am the Spirit!

At that moment the mind stopped, and the time and the space ceased to exist. Silence and joy flooded the body and for the first time I was completely aware of the present. Thoughts were gone, and the senses were the only way to feel what was going on with me and around me.

Photo shared with us years back by a sahaja yogi

I don’t know how long I was in that state, but I remember after I opened my eyes, I woke up and felt that something very important had happened inside of me: I was born again. So simple.

I also started to feel in my hands a kind of breeze that was sometimes warm and sometimes cool. Lucky me that, the spiritual path that I began to walk from that day has allowed me to do the experience again and again, every time I wanted.

After years of teachings of how to communicate with the breeze I have felt in my hands and above my head, my human desires were reduced to just one:

To stay in this state of Spirit in every moment, minute, hour, day, and year until this body ceases to exist.

Photo shared with us years back by a sahaja yogi

Both me and those who are walking on the same spiritual path with me, we have so much to tell to the mankind, but the most important thing is that the Comforter has come on this Earth, is a Mother of our Spirits, and she has been teaching us everything we want to know. She used to start her conferences by saying:

“I bow to all the seekers of Truth. We have to know that the truth is what it is. We cannot conceptualize it with our human awareness, we cannot alter it, we cannot manipulate it, we cannot organize it. It is what it is, it has been and will ever be. But what is the Truth?

The Truth is that we are surrounded, or we are penetrated, or we are nourished, looked after and loved by a very subtle energy which is the energy of Divine Love. The second truth is that we are not this body, or this mind, our conditionings or the ego but we are the Spirit. You don’t have to accept what I am saying, but as scientist you have to keep your mind open and see for yourself, and if it is so, honestly you should accept it.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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It is so simple but the believing process it might be so complicated. What our world should look like if we would all live in this Truth ?!

Sorin – sahaja yogi from Toronto, Canada captured in this photo from 2006 during the days spent participating to an International Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar in New Jersey -USA.) One can feel his inner state reflecting the truthfulness of his testimonial shared on pur blog.

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  1. Gratiela


  2. Marta

    Beautiful!!! I’ve got the chills just reading this testimonial and wish that everyone gets the opportunity at least to try SY meditation. It is so joyous to know there is a way to feel completely fullfilled! Thank you for your story!!!

  3. Paula


    Your story is so simply put and honest. It is interesting that we are not sure what we seek, but we feel a piece of the understanding of our best self completed and expressed when we get our actual yoga connection through Sahaja Yoga.

    I tried so many things before that, but kept searching. The relief from emotional imbalance and return to my most joyful and grateful being is priceless for me.

    There are so many answers that give my soul peace. When we let our spirit be the driver, we are supported by the entire universal force. The happiness diaries and meaningful adventures are a never ending journey through the spontaneous now.

    1. Rajinee

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey, it was very honest and relatable.

  4. Helen

    Thanks for sharing. It is very inspiring! So interesting and so hopeful!

  5. Kyla

    I love this written story by Sorin! Thank you for sharing with us and articulating these parts of your journey, as well as sparking some curiosity within me to check out the Holy Bible again. I did try to read it during my agnostic-turned-atheist teenage years, looking for truth and inspiration, but it did not touch me in anyway, and I concluded spirituality does not exist, all I can do is be the best moral self because I choose to, and because I believe in that…. Almost like I turned off my seeking. “Being my best moral self” lead to so much underlying guilt and self-doubt. I had no compass, no roots, and no connection to the “Comforter”, as you mention.

    I am so grateful to be a Sahaja Yogi now. I am grateful that circumstances lead me to try out that first “free meditation” class, and that my first class provided me with a very powerful experience that was completely undeniable. Doubts did not stand a chance in challenging the truth that I felt up my spine and that these people truly touched or awoke something strong and powerful within me.
    It’s so cool to think about and remember.
    I’m grateful for Paula who helped encourage me to meditate today, which I ended up doing, and gladfully landed in this beauty of a story and beautiful collection of pictures.
    Thank you for all of the ongoing treasures everyone!

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