Join our Special Sahaj Valentine’s Day Event and Honour the Cycle of Life for Mother Earth on Sat, Feb 17 in Oakville (RAIN to Heal ME)

Join our 2nd “R.A.I.N. – Realize Awareness In Nations to Heal M.E -> Mother Earth” monthly Sahaja Yoga Meditation Public Program in Ontario this year; Check the details:

This free public event represents our Special Valentine’s Day Gift for the community we Love and it intends to also celebrate the legacy of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (March 21, 1923 – February 23, 2011).

“So my own effort was to take you into that beautiful arena of Sahaja, where you will be absolutely one with your Self, one with the Nature, one with all the people who are around you, with your own country, and countries. Everywhere, the whole atmosphere, as they say, the whole Brahmanda (universe) becomes part and parcel of you, and you are not separated from that. Then the echoes – they call ‘ninaad’ – the echoes of your Being, of your Life can be easily seen. Not in material advancement or in any other kind of a thing but in the spiritual area, which is the highest. Everywhere, in every country, there have been people of that quality and, till today, they are all remembered. In the same way you all will be representing a very great knowledge about Reality: in your life, in your creation or in your working. In every way you can do anything. Now, only thing that, now, we have to do is to decide: how many people we are going to give Realization? What we can do for Realisation? What should we do? This is the only thing, if you go on with your complete emancipation, you will be surprised, it’s like climbing up a big mountain.

But when you have reached to the peak, you can see everything very well, and you feel so satisfied that you are at the peak.” (Shri Mataji)

There will be few Special Guests:

  1. Shivangna K, who will offer a Flute Recital that will also accompany our Guided Meditation for Mother Earth
  2. Ana-Bianca Popa, MSc Neuroscience at Western University, who will offer a Presentation of Scientific Research on Meditation
  3. Beverley G,  M.Sc., MSW, M.A. will honor the Black History Month
  4. Cool Yogis Kids and Parents Team

The Event is for Seekers of All Ages as it was our 1st “RAIN to Heal ME – Mother Earth” Program in January 2018 but it will have a different content and structure.

We will celebrate as well the Black History Month, the Shivaratri Festival , even the Polar Bear Awareness Day and others, through a Tour around the Planet to learn more the subtle significance and connections between selected cultural/spiritual events and ultimately about M.E -> Mother Earth and understand the Cycle of Life.

Note for the regular participants to our Free Weekly Classes in Halton, Niagara and Barrie areas:  Please register with the coordinating team for the “Shivaratri – Going Deeper Sahaja Yoga Seminar” that will happen later in the day at Chandra & Jayanthi’s home in Oakville. Yes, it is a Potluck!

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(Click!) Our Tribute One Year Later: Remembering Her as She came to us All 

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  1. paula

    Let us truly unite, all for one and one for all. It will be wonderful to meditate together in collective bliss! New people are always delighted by what they experience and feel. It will be great to see you all and meditate for Mother Earth.

  2. Anjali

    I am looking forward to going to this event with my kids..they enjoyed the last event in burlington so very much and our hearts were dancing in joy. These events are a special treat..even better than a disney movie or a show. Because this is real joy and not the dreamy joy. Hurray.

  3. carol weinberg

    I cant wait to enjoy this event. the last one in Burlington was filled with so much Love, Joy and togetherness

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