(video) 75-Year-Old GrandmaTalks about Forgiveness, Meditation and The Third Eye – Agnya Chakra

When Grandmas come and talk in public about Forgiveness, the Third Eye and Meditation Benefits  – one should pay attention.

Especially when the 75 year old lady is just visiting Canada and she never in her life had spoken out in front of a group of people, let alone them being from across the ocean, far away from the homeland Romania. Enjoy our clip captured on the spot – Celli had asked help with the ‘translation’:



Sahaj Tips for Crossing of the Third Eye

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(click) Bible Story & Sahaj Wisdom 

Ela’s Easter with Signs & Angels 

Celli “Oma” and her new Canadian friend and yogini sister – Carmela from Burlington

6 Responses to “(video) 75-Year-Old GrandmaTalks about Forgiveness, Meditation and The Third Eye – Agnya Chakra”

  1. Helen says:

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information so clearly!
    Greatly appreciated.


    amazing . Jai shri Mataji

  3. paula says:

    Dear Celli/Oma,

    I enjoyed your presentation so much! I am traveling alot now, but this presentation I accessed from very far away, yet I feel very close to you, to all of you, and I enjoyed your wisdom, your understanding of the Agnya chakra, I learned so much! I really enjoyed our time in the Royal Botanical Gardens of the Arboretum, that is simply a beautiful picture of you, and it seems a blossoming of your spirit,magnificent!

    As you said there in the park, who needs expensive, brand-name perfumes…when the fragrance from the flowers was just filtrating the air with mother earth’s perfumes, it’s flowers and trees. I can remember the fragrances that we all discovered together that day like a beautiful memory!

    This picture of you and my mom is absolutely precious. There is so much love being exchanged by two sisters from across the world. It demonstrates the power of this big Sahaja Yoga family feeling, that penetrates the heart with good vibrations, and fills our beings with the only thing that matters: a pure love for each other and spreading that love everywhere we go by igniting the light of the spirit in each of us. We all the have the power.

    I miss you very much, you touched us with your warmth and love, and stories, and I can’t wait till we meet again. Enjoy every moment. We certainly enjoyed your opening up like a flower and revealing your depths in the presentation. Simply marvelous!

  4. Karen says:

    Beautiful presentation and the photo of momma Carmela and Celli shows the love of all our sisters & brothers at Sahaja Yoga near & far.

    Thank you for sharing this video xoxo

  5. Veronica-Roxana Contescu says:

    Foarte frumos, drag? mea prietena Celli !

  6. Jolanta says:

    Great to see how the practice of Sahaja Yoga unites people from different backgrounds.

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