Amanda Philip Carmela – Three Cups filled with Optimism (Video-Testimonials)

There are 3 testimonials. Each one feels like a refreshing cup filled with Truth, Optimism and Positive Answers to questions many people have:

– Does Meditation Help with (Multi-)Drug Addiction?

– What about helping our Health, or at least with our visit to the Dentist? What about LIFE ?!

#1 Fascinating True Story: Amanda’s from Grand Prairie

Good news@ EVERYONE is …

#2 Philip’s: “The gift I cannot repay” – “I want to raise the bar”

Philip’s Testimonial on Health Benefits (Sahaja Yoga Meditation) from Sahaja Yoga Halton on Vimeo.

#3: Carmela‘s “Dentist Visit and Life Changing Experience”

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4 Responses to “Amanda Philip Carmela – Three Cups filled with Optimism (Video-Testimonials)”

  1. Kruti says:

    Extremely proud and happy to hear these beautiful experiences from Grade Prairie. Amanda is a brave person who made the right choice to join the Sahaja meditation instead of continuing her life the way it was. Way to go! Sahaj, our love and attention is with you. May you share more and more stories like this.

  2. Paula says:

    So much proof of inner transformation…self-improvement and heart warming testimonials…can you feel something when you listen to someone’s truth? After self-realization, you absolutely switch on to a more joyful, in tune higher being…you can feel the truth like a cool breeze.

  3. Jolanta says:

    very heartwarming to watch all three testimonials… Amanda: I am so happy for you! Please continue to pactice Sahaja Yoga…

  4. paula says:

    So incredible to hear about Amanda’s triumphant will after just 3 classes of sahaja yoga. You are shining, the spark has been lit. One common denominator among all these testimonials, is complete inner transformation. It happened to me, it was so clearly this type of pure knowledge that gave me emotional balance, better health and joy was a surprising side effect! I want to cheerlead you all on!

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