Seeker or Seer Meaning & How to Become a Super Human Being?

Seeker or Seer Meaning & How to Become a Super Human Being?

Good News for the Seekers: Sahaja Yogis are The Seers of Today  

‘These are the Seekers all over the world. What they are seeking is the peace of their own mind. It is a good news for such people that a unique discovery has been found out by which one can achieve the peace within.

One has to go beyond the mind. This was very old knowledge in the East, especially in India. There were Seers in the West who also knew about this knowledge by which one can achieve that state of Self-Realization.

In England William Blake, Moliere in France, De Maupassant in France, and many other poets like C.S. Lewis, and certain persons in America, have been endowed with this future vision of Divine life entering into human beings.

 (Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – in her book Meta Modern Era, chapter 11, The Subtle System)

Seeker’s meaning in the Eyes of God? Who can become a super-human being?

“For a realized soul the highest human beings are the Seekers. You may be any king or anything, what does it matter, there are so many roaming about. But a Seeker is the thing in the eyes of God as the highest human being, who has to become a super-human being.” 

Know-How with Example

“So your attention is filled with so many of these miracles, you cannot imagine how many have taken place with Sahaja yogis. One can write such a big book. So the attention becomes pure. You just can’t see bad things happening, I mean, you just don’t like it, I mean, I feel like vomiting sometimes the way things are, sometimes. The things that you enjoy normally become absolutely garbage, you just don’t like it, the whole, the priorities change. You become automatically virtuous, I don’t have to tell you, “Be virtuous,” you’ll just become, and you start enjoying your virtues and virtues of others. You start enjoying other people because attention becomes collectively conscious. Our central nervous system is our attention but this central nervous system becomes collectively conscious, it becomes!
You are not bothered; somebody has cancer, it’s all right, “I’ll try to cure you.” You are not afraid you’ll get cancer, nothing, you are never afraid of it. “I’ll try.”
You put your hands like this, like that and the fellow says, ‘Oh I’m feeling very much better, I don’t know, what have you done to me?’ ‘Nothing.’

The attention becomes so effective, so powerful; it does tremendous things and the attention among yourselves has a rapport. They all move like the several drops in an ocean, in a wave of love, it’s so beautiful.”

The above were excerpts of the lecture offered by Shri Mataji at Unity of Houston Church on October 7th, 1981. 

2017 Halton Eco Festival Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the Featured Exhibitor (!)

Extracted from the OCCPEHR website, the following section is featuring our volunteering group. Enjoy the news and visit us there!


Music by Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga Meditation will be presenting a group yoga demonstration. This phenomenal organization, which has partnered with the UNESCO Centre for Peace, provide free weekly classes at the Glen Abbey Community Centre and have organized various public cultural events for the Halton community during the past eleven years.

An Environmental Fair for Healthy Living, Biodiversity and a Sustainable Future
at the Glen Abbey Community Centre, 1415 Third Line, Oakville, L6M 3G2
Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 10am to 4pm

Organized by the: Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights (OCCPEHR). 

They  – the Sahaja Yogis – are nourished by Mother Earth

“Even when you get your Realization (i.e. the energy of Mother Earth within, known as ‘Kundalini’, is awakened and rises beyond the crown ckara ) you are sometimes in a growing stage up to a point. Like you’re nourished by the Mother Earth all the time but you’re not aware of it. In the same way the womb of Sahaja Yoga nourishes you to grow up into beautiful beings. Still you have to come up to a point when it has to click in such a way that you start feeling the awareness of that unbounding love. In the small children it clicks very fast because they’re so innocent and uncomplicated and in some people also I’ve seen it click very fast as soon as they get their realization. But, in some people they have some more ego trip left to be finished. So, they come to me. I find they are flying in the air like bubbles and as if blown by the nourishing Mother blown out-like the bubbles on the surface of the sea. And there are many who are suffering from Superego. They get mixed up with the sand and become very heavy and all the time weeping and crying about personal things.

But, once the thing (Self-Realization) clicks, they  become One with the Spirit of the Ocean.”


(excerpt from Shri Mataji’s Talk to New Sahaja Yogis in Switzerland, Lausanne, 25/8/1983)

Visit our booth @ 2017 Halton Eco-Festival to experience your self-Realization through sahaja yoga meditation, feel the cool breeze of Kundalini energy and receive a chakra/energy balancing workshop . This ‘package’ is free, as it is priceless. 🙂

(video) Teacher Plays Flute & Talks about The Benefits of Meditation 

(click!) The Tree, The Yogi and The Child

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  1. Anjali

    Each year more and more seekers of truth find out about shaja yoga through such exhibits as the eco festival where we share the same ideas and culture…which is to connect with mother earth and look after it and as we are also part and parcel of it we need to sustain ourselves through our inner awakening and experience peace. I am looking forward to coming with my family like every year. Thank you to the organizers of the eco fest and sahaja yoga for bringing such rich programs to our community that allows us to participate in such noble initiatives.

  2. Mohinder Sidana

    Great event

  3. Isabelle

    My heart burst when I saw this picture of Shri Mataji with a seeker.

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