(Video) Youth Student Group’s CHAKRA PRESENTATION & IMPRESSIONS about January SYM Seminar @ Niagara Falls

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Two weeks ago we had the January 2016 “Makhar Sankranti” Sahaja Yoga Seminar for Beginners from Halton/Niagara classes.  We had learnt various chakra cleansing techniques and we needed more space than just the living room. Therefore the 4 youth that joined the seminar, had been given an ad-hoc project: learn about Vishuddhi chakra in a separate room, apply the techniques of clearing it, introspect, draw some conclusions and come back to present/teach about this subject and share with all. Chanelle and Amahays participated first time to a sahaja yoga seminar and they did not know the other ones. So this  group was first time together at a SYM Seminar (SYM -> Sahaja Yoga Meditation).

Impressions from Three Students @ January SYM Seminar

Chanelle Saxon (Burlington/Oakville):

“Sure. The seminar was really helpful in learning practical information to be able to clear your chakras, and heal yourself. Despite the gathering being 6 hours long, I did not leave feeling tired or drained; quite the opposite actually. I felt energized, and refreshed. Looking forward to the next seminar where I can learn new techniques to assist in my self-realization. ?”

Rayann Seerattan (Niagara Falls):

“My exam went well. I passed! Thank you for all the bandhans. I could write that the seminar…. The seminar was very educational for me, I have learned a lot of things that are very helpful, especially on the Vishuddhi chakra.  Through clearing my Vishuddhi chakra I am able to realize and establish pure relationships. Meditation is able to help me keep calm and composed. By going to the seminars I am able to find support from all sahaja yogis and learn from each other.”

Amahays (Etobicoke):

From the moment I was first picked up so kindly and comfortably by Amira and Euleces, I walked into Rays home and before even seeing everyone I felt welcome, the energy was very inviting. I was then embraced by many new smiling faces giving me hugs and pushing me towards food 🙂

There was peace for the most part 

Everyone had a common desire for inner peace and happiness, which was a very warm feeling in comparison to other days 

It would be very hard for you to feel uncomfortable with that kind of a safe and open environment, especially with the other youth there to make you feel less alone with only adults, who may not relate as much .”

*(VIDEO) Youth Group’s Vishuddhi Chakra Presentation & Youth’s MESSSAGE:

— a not to be missed video: genuine, informative, cute yet profound

Sahaja Yoga Youth’s Presentation on Vishuddhi Chakra from Sahaja Yoga Halton on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to “(Video) Youth Student Group’s CHAKRA PRESENTATION & IMPRESSIONS about January SYM Seminar @ Niagara Falls”

  1. Shivangi says:

    Wow! Nice to see young people taking to Sahaja Yoga and enjoying peace within and in the world.

  2. Letitia says:

    Ce bucurie cand yuva shakti transmit aceasta cunoastere sahaj,in mod simplu si frumos.

  3. paula says:

    Listen and feel the energy emitted from the leaders not just tomorrow, but right now. Incredibly, honest, standing on truth, and evolving on this wonderful self-discovery journey. I loved the presentation!So informal, yet rooted in depth and truth. It was a pleasure to share this seminar with all of you. Their dynamism is magnetic.

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