(Video) Youth Student Group’s CHAKRA PRESENTATION & IMPRESSIONS about January SYM Seminar @ Niagara Falls

Youth seminar Jan 2016 Niagara Falls-s

Two weeks ago we had the January 2016 “Makhar Sankranti” Sahaja Yoga Seminar for Beginners from Halton/Niagara classes.  We had learnt various chakra cleansing techniques and we needed more space than just the living room. Therefore the 4 youth that joined the seminar, had been given an ad-hoc project: learn about Vishuddhi chakra in a separate room, apply the techniques of clearing it, introspect, draw some conclusions and come back to present/teach about this subject and share with all. Chanelle and Amahays participated first time to a sahaja yoga seminar and they did not know the other ones. So this  group was first time together at a SYM Seminar (SYM -> Sahaja Yoga Meditation).

Impressions from Three Students @ January SYM Seminar

Chanelle Saxon (Burlington/Oakville):

“Sure. The seminar was really helpful in learning practical information to be able to clear your chakras, and heal yourself. Despite the gathering being 6 hours long, I did not leave feeling tired or drained; quite the opposite actually. I felt energized, and refreshed. Looking forward to the next seminar where I can learn new techniques to assist in my self-realization. ?”

Rayann Seerattan (Niagara Falls):

“My exam went well. I passed! Thank you for all the bandhans. I could write that the seminar…. The seminar was very educational for me, I have learned a lot of things that are very helpful, especially on the Vishuddhi chakra.  Through clearing my Vishuddhi chakra I am able to realize and establish pure relationships. Meditation is able to help me keep calm and composed. By going to the seminars I am able to find support from all sahaja yogis and learn from each other.”

Amahays (Etobicoke):

From the moment I was first picked up so kindly and comfortably by Amira and Euleces, I walked into Rays home and before even seeing everyone I felt welcome, the energy was very inviting. I was then embraced by many new smiling faces giving me hugs and pushing me towards food 🙂

There was peace for the most part 

Everyone had a common desire for inner peace and happiness, which was a very warm feeling in comparison to other days 

It would be very hard for you to feel uncomfortable with that kind of a safe and open environment, especially with the other youth there to make you feel less alone with only adults, who may not relate as much .”

*(VIDEO) Youth Group’s Vishuddhi Chakra Presentation & Youth’s MESSSAGE:

— a not to be missed video: genuine, informative, cute yet profound

Sahaja Yoga Youth’s Presentation on Vishuddhi Chakra from Sahaja Yoga Halton on Vimeo.

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  1. Shivangi

    Wow! Nice to see young people taking to Sahaja Yoga and enjoying peace within and in the world.

  2. Letitia

    Ce bucurie cand yuva shakti transmit aceasta cunoastere sahaj,in mod simplu si frumos.

  3. paula

    Listen and feel the energy emitted from the leaders not just tomorrow, but right now. Incredibly, honest, standing on truth, and evolving on this wonderful self-discovery journey. I loved the presentation!So informal, yet rooted in depth and truth. It was a pleasure to share this seminar with all of you. Their dynamism is magnetic.

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