Carmela – Meditate Each Day, Keep the Pain Away

(VIDEO) Carmela’s Testimonial @ Burlington Class’ 10th Anniversary

Being Pain Free After Surgery with Sahaja Yoga Meditation and MORE 🙂

Enjoy Carmela’s Sahaj Life (FamilyHome & Garden)

(video + article->click) Carmela’s Interview@ BAXTER’s Christmas

Carmela with ON yuvas and Marie-Joelle - SEPT 2015
Carmela with Halton yogis and International Artists - SEPT 2015

At Carmelas home - SEPT 2015

Yogis in Carmela's Garden - SEPT 2015

Carmela and Wendy - halton Sahaja Yoginis SEPT 2015

Carmela with her good friend and sister sahaja yogini, Wendy from Burlington Class.                                             They both helped immensely during the GREAT EVENTS offered on Canada Culture Days 2015 in Burlington where Sahaja Yoga Meditation’s Programs were featured in Civic Square.  We will get together at Carmela’s home – one of our sahaj family homes, ashrams –  this coming Wednesday after Burlington class. 🙂 

(click)  Mayor Goldring  and CARMELA are SNAPed !!


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  1. Colleen says:

    Great video!! My heart opened up so much Carmela, incredible story. Beautiful pictures.

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