Today on International Yoga Day – You are Invited to Celebrate 10 Years Milestone of Free Yoga Meditation Classes in Burlington – Press Release on June 21st 2015

Press Release - July 11 - 10 years of Sahaja Yoga meditation

 During our very simple and effective workshops on meditation as well on inner energy centers and channels (known for ages in many ancient nations) we help the peace, balance and contentment to find a durable place in one’s heart, mind and attention.We share 3 short videos that express the medical benefits as well showcase how easy and helpful is for youth to practice sahaja yoga meditation!

(Video #1) Medical Research on Sahaja Yoga

(Video#2) What Burlington High-schools Say about it?!

(Video# 3) Youth Live Testimonials @ Burlington Art Gallery


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Sam’s Video (from Youth Class): 8 Yrs Celebration!



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  1. Sam

    So awesome! It’s going to be a fantastic event, can’t wait to see everyone there!


  2. Thank you all very much for these inspiring mails. They make us feel cool !
    I wish yoy all the best, especially on the 11th of July. Our bandhans and vibrations will be with you.

  3. Karen

    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful Sahaja Memories…..beautiful vibrations feeling of joy.

  4. paula

    The video presentations are full of positive energy! Congratulations on the FREE EVENT being offered to the public at the Art Gallery of Ontario on July 11th! 10 years Sahaja Yoga in Halton! Music, dance meditation, peace, and harmony…I have witnessed the community expanding in oneness, so much love we have for Burlington! Imagine that from one little class in Burlington, Sahaja Yoga meditators opened up classes in the Niagara Region, Oakville,Milton,Hamilton and Barrie that are much needed and appreciated in each of these communities. Looking forward to the 10 year anniversary event which is always free!

  5. Colleen

    Great article, amazing videos,as always. I can’t wait for July 11, it’s going to be an exciting event, and even the mayor of Burlington is coming!!

  6. Brenda in BC

    Sending best wishes for a wonderful event!
    Wishing I could attend
    Missing you all!!!

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