Winnipeg’s MEDITATION MARATHON led by Burlington Yogini (Paula) & Vancouver Yogi (Brent) in FEBRUARY 2015!

A team of yogis from East and West of Canada had united their efforts to open the Heart of Canada: Manitoba – towards the love of meditation and Self Realization. Further more, Brent from Vancouver and Paula from Burlington had booked their ‘free’ time to meet the Seekers from Winnipeg in a ‘marathon style. Let’s learn more about this Yogi/ni Team and their commendable project/volunteer work:

(click!) Brent: Nominated for the 25th  GEMINI AWARDS !

(click!) Winnipeg Community News: How Yoga Meditation Changed my Life – It can do the same for you!

New-Feb 20-s
Let’s spread the good news about this opportunity to our friends /relatives/ seekers from Winnipeg. Contact is [email protected].

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  1. Colleen

    Good luck Paula and Brent!!! Many bandhans being sent to you. Have a great time and enjoy!

  2. carmen

    Paula, Brent this is a great project. Winnipeg is in our attention. Namaste!

  3. Ioana

    1st Feedback Story from Paula – Winnipeg Cool Vibrations:

    Hello all,

    We had a deep seeker who came the first day, with great vibrations, he wants to attend friday and saturday as well. He has wanted these classes to be in Winnipeg for a long time and he knows some people already doing sahaja yoga meditation. I will collect his email tomorrow I hope. We will be collecting all the emails from seekers. He is craving collectivity, and we each talked to him quite a bit, he was so glad we were there. He asked me for 2 posters before he left and will come back friday and sat.

    The first night Brent carpooled myself and 2 flight attendants who were very interested in coming, seekers for sure (from Toronto and Scarborough), and they will be attending at least 1 if not 2 more programs while in Winnipeg. they enjoyed the program very much.

    It is a gorgeous room, with one end with a mural of a forest and animals for a daycare in the same room during the day, and a picture of a dove with a rainbow framed on the wall that we use behind the alter 🙂

    Vibrations were very very strong!

    Brent let me start, and he continued, with explanations of the subtle system, we were small enough of a group to play Shri Mataji’s self-realization meditation, watching on Brent’s laptop with ease, we have a small table that rolls where we need it to.

    Then we played a beautiful video of yogis doing bandhans, gorgeous music, and we did chakra workshops on them, and felt their cool breezes…

    Then I showed them how to clear left and right channels, and how to strengthen the root chakra as well, we all did together.

    Brent in the meantime, found a film he worked on, talked about his time with Shri Mataji, just touching on it, and I believe we watched part of “The Vision”.

    We learned how Aum should sound, and Brent’s vibrations were incredible, then we joined in, it was very powerful. I really appreciate Brent’s depth.

    We managed with his laptop and an internet code, so we have access to most everything.
    I bought a speaker for my ipod of sy music, and I will likely use it in the next two classes.

    All 3 seekers were offered pictures of Shri Mataji, and “chose” their own, I said, if they “feel it”, I was very touched to see my colleagues gravitate towards certain photos. I told them the stories about each photo, the best that I knew how.

    They felt very calm, and were very respectful…they both have very strong guru principles manifested in different ways. One told me she was “taking inventory” of her past before telling herself to let go of it, and the other felt warm in her left palm, and confessed she had to say “mother, not now” quite a bit, as Brent had instructed, to remove the thoughts. They both desire to attend the meetings in Winnipeg this week. We felt their coolness.

    I handed out black and white posters at the airport the next morning (showing them the colour one first) before my flight and talked about Shri Mataji to 2 ground agents, who were very moved when I told them about how Shri Mataji never ever charged money for any of her programs, that she had healed many, but she wanted us all to learn how to heal our selves. Simultaneously, they both were so touched and let out a sweet “awwwwwwwww.” They were very curious. One Indian girl said “she looks familiar” and I said she was nominated twice for the Nobel Peace prize, and she said, “yes, that is probably why!” She said she was a classical instructor, and she had some knowledge.

    I gave a flyer to the hotel staff too, as they did some copies for me last minute.

    Brent has postered several neighborhoods, Tomorrow before class, I will make just make a few more colour posters, with no phone number, and just see if I bump in to any seekers. I have posted the poster on my wall on my facebook account with a link to the article for Winnipeg, also last night I posted on Kijiji under “classes” to advertise the event and listed my phone number and all the program details, which has received 21 views today 🙂

    Thank you for everything that you all have done, and all the bandhans from around the globe, I think it will grow big time, and it is encouraging to hear your story Francois, it is always the quality of the seekers that counts more than the numbers.

    Another class tomorrow, more flights for me the day after, and Sunday I will do most of it on my own, with music, laptop and Shri Mataji. In the meantime, Brent is delivering the message beautifully every day this week and leaving us early in the program on Sunday to catch his flight home. We are a great combo and it is so great to have a brother like Brent there with me, the vibrations are divine.


    1. Colleen

      Absolutely love this Paula!! Sounds amazing,have a great couple of more days.
      Sending love and bandhans to you.

    2. carmen

      ssmiling all the way while reading <3

    3. Isabelle

      You go Girl! Wonderful.

  4. Claudia

    Dear Paula and Brent – Great Job! Amazing story and I bet amazing experience as well! May many seekers make it to the program and receive their realization!

  5. Mohinder Sidana

    Great job
    hope we will have a strong collective in Winnipeg
    may Mata ji bless you

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