Magic ‘Inner Peace with Meditation’ at IKEA (Colleen’s TRUE “Winter’s Tale”)

Colleen’s “Winter’s Tale” or IKEA ‘new year resolution’ Story

Colleen's Friends and Yogs -  Family from Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class
Colleen’s Friends and Yogis – Family from Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class
On Sunday, January 11th, I had been at Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation monthly seminar for the afternoon. We had a group meditation and open discussion, ate some wonderful food at our Lunch potluck and I had a thorough chakra workshop done on myself by a fellow yogini, so to say the least I was very relaxed and felt light at heart,  as well within my mind and body.  One of the purposes of Sahaja Yoga Meditation is to reach a state of thoughtless awareness, and on the way home we had 7 of us in the car and we were all so quiet.  We suddenly realized that we couldn’t even think of anything to say, the only things we were noticing were right in front of us, like the lights in the distance and how someones coat was so furry.  We all thought it was quite amazing that we really were in *thoughtless awareness* very literally.
 I then had to go to work (Ikea) for a staff meeting where I was asked to lead a meditation for us all, about 30 of us, the store manager and the HR manager were both there to be a part of it.  I kept it quite simple and did the basic self-realization based on Kundalini’s energy rising through the energy subtle centers known as chakras.  After we sat in silence for a few minutes and I asked everyone to take a deep breath and open their eyes, it felt like there was a stunned silence in the room for a few seconds, it felt magical, almost like there was a magical spell on all of us.  It was very powerful.
I had a lot of positive feedback from many about it.  My personal manager told me she had a miracle happen to her and a week later she is still talking about it, said to me yesterday that she can’t say enough about it. The morning of the meeting when she woke up she had such a stiff neck that she couldn’t even get out of bed and had to have someone help her to get up.  After the meeting and when she went home she couldn’t believe that the stiffness was completely gone and she could move her neck freely with no pain.  She is very interested to learn more about Sahaja Yoga and to learn how to meditate and to implement it into her life.  So I am hoping this is just the beginning of something grand at IKEA for all our coworkers.

Ahilan (Tabla/Indian drum) and Omar (Djembe/African drum) are both practitioners of sahaja yoga meditation as well musicians. This video was recorded during a public program of music and meditation offered in Burlington by the Halton -sahaja yoga meditation group. More to come in 2015!

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  1. Delia

    It was great to read this, well done!
    People around us need meditation so much in their lives, so it’s wonderful to go out there and share the love & bliss & joy 🙂

  2. paula

    Colleen, I felt like I was there when you were describing the atmosphere! So powerful, you are a soldier of love…it is truly miraculous how getting one’s self-realization, or self-knowledge can “cure” a stiff neck, I have myself witnessed and experienced first hand the healing powers of Sahaja Yoga that is just waiting for us to have the desire to awaken this part of us.

    It is wonderful and thanks to you, Ikea is just awakening to the sahaja meditation method by which we can heal, de-stress, and feel peace and pure love for the whole world.

  3. Sam

    I’m super proud of you, mom! You did a great job and I can’t wait to hear what’s next at Ikea. It’s going to be amazing. 🙂

  4. Kruti

    Amazing story Colleen. Bravo for trying SY at your workplace. We all have to learn this from you.

  5. Carmen

    Great job. Magic happens we know that <3

  6. Mohinder Sidana

    Great job
    keep it up

  7. Karen

    What a great story Colleen…keep on sending the love thanks for sharing xo

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