On Sunday, Dec 8 “We are One” at Burlington Arts Centre: FREE PUBLIC PROGRAM – OPEN TO ALL (Mother Earth Meditation, Live Music, Chakra Workshop & MORE) – 8 Years Celebration in Halton for Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Dec8th-2013final-webB-TelchakWe expect representatives from many classes from around Halton area, including Hamilton, Mississauga, St Catharines, Brampton and even from North York, and Barrie (!). Be prepared to listen to presentations, live testimonials as well for the youth program to get everyone joining their Greek dance. Omar, Igor and Aaron will bring their enlightened music to this celebration and of course besides the already announced Chakra Workshop there are Surprises! The Meditation for Mother Earth is powerful, and we intend to be a global meditation that everyone can be part and parcel of, feeling that yes, We are One.

This event is for everyone, those that never had meditated in their life as well to those that cannot do without their daily meditation or yoga practice 🙂 Families are most welcome, youth and children will enjoy it, we are sure about this. However, parents know better if their kids would respect the silence needed during the collective meditation. We trust everyone’s judgment and we feel to be sahaj, that means inclusive of everyone that comes with an open heart and an open mind with the pure desire to try sahaja yoga meditation and experience their Self Realization.

When: on Sunday, December 8.

Time: 2pm-4pm 

Where: Burlington Arts Centre

Room: Shoreline  (200-250 persons capacity, chairs available).

Address: 1333 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington. Free parking in public lots.

            RSVP available here.

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  1. Anjali

    what a wonderful way to start getting into the festive season mode. This is truly an opportunity for all of us living in the most multicultural society to come together and connect with each other at higher/deeper levels in the most purest way-through meditation. Hope many will come and experience this soothing, peace & joy giving session that can really transform your life.
    Last year’s event was truly moving for many!

    Love, Anjali

  2. paula

    So honored to share this “We are One” Event with the community. We can start to feel the connection with mother earth just by attending and being in the present. Art, dance, poetry, music and watching it all as a witness…with open heart to receivng the flow of vibrations…the role of this event is to help us to feel this connection from inside and anyone can feel it…when we are in thoughtless awareness, watching, enjoying…the heart expands…and you just want to hug everyone! The peace achieved within, can only manifest as peace through the entire world..(to paraphrase the founder of Sahaja Yoga)…so we have to rise above the mental concept of it…and feel this from within…I have seen so many people transformed, like myself…and nothing is better than that feeling of connection. All seekers of truth, we invite you to experience “We Are One.” The founder of Sahaja Yoga has said, if we are one, who is the other? It is perfect.

  3. letitia

    Am facut bandhan,foarte racorosca toate vestile pe care le primim

  4. Colleen

    I am so looking forward to this wonderful event and feel very honoured to be apart of it. Thank you

  5. Sunil Kumar Palliyil

    I would like to visit Quebec to attend Sahaja meditation program and I have more than 12 years of Sahaja yogi, kindly advise me when I can visit Quebec any Public Program

    1. Ioana

      Hi Sunil, I already had informed the team of yogis from Quebec province and they will contact you by email.

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