Sahaja Yoga Meditation Gives Life After Breast Cancer @ 7th Biennial Convention – Hamilton Convention Centre

Impressions Collected from visitors of Sahaja Meditation booth

SahajaYoga Meditation Invited at After Life Breast Cancer Conference -Hamilton 2013

Wow, like, wow. This is fantastic! I feel so relaxed.
I felt my body settle in, and then felt like sitting straighter, like something was pulling me up. Very relaxing.
I feel so calm.
Thank you for opening me up.
Thank you, I needed to forgive. Can we do that again?
I personally felt that your group was wonderful and certainly for me, elevated the event.
Wow! I felt the cool breeze above my head. I felt the energy going up my arms.I kept repeating I forgive myself, I forgive everyone over and over again. Then I felt sensations in my fingers.

Paula’s Report on the Self-Realization Booth at the Life After Breast Cancer Convention 

Presentation  at Life After Breast Cancer

– article by Paula Erskine
One lady at the event talked at length with Brenda about meditation. She was wearing a pretty crocheted red rose on her lapel. She returned later to report that she will be attending a class for sure. I asked her if she wanted a workshop, and she agreed. She sat down beside me, looked at me sweetly, and said she was a skeptic. I countered with aha, you don’t have to believe, because you are a scientist! I said she will verify for herself during the process of workshop if the meditation works. Afterward, she did not want to open her eyes as she was in a blissful state of thoughtless awareness. After tapping her gently on her arm at several intervals, she finally opened her eyes and smiled at me. She couldn’t believe that she felt a rush of energy up her forearms. Once she received the connection, her skepticism melted away.
Isabelle gave realization to one of the organizers Michelle. Michelle felt as if a white light was coming out of her head. Later on, she said, “Thank you for opening me up.”
Michelle brought people to our booth throughout the day to experience meditation. She generously invited us to  come to Juravinski Cancer Centre and offer for its 100Radiation Therapists chakra workshops with self realization experiment, sometime in November.  Isabelle recognized a lady named Janice that had attended our Tech Data Canada health fair who had approached our booth for the second time. We meditated together and there was a clear cool breeze emitting from her fontanelle bone. Janice felt it too. She visited us all day.  We heard Bob Marley music and spontaneously began “dancercising” to an instructional video with Brenda. We started laughing because none of us could help ourselves. We were feeling the joy of the present.
Several times we  broke out into impromptu meditation sessions as onlookers were curious about what we were saying, so we got them involved by asking them to press their heart chakra with their right hand, then their forehead to forgive, and then to ask for their self-realization. At that point all five of us put our hands on both sides of our temples and I taught them a very effective Sanskrit mantra. The ladies repeated Ham Ksham and I translated to them that it means I am the spirit, I forgive. The ladies said that it felt so good to say it. Later on, when I passed one of those ladies, she asked me to write down the Ham Ksham for her, so she can use the mantra again to help her forgive and clear her thoughts. She promised to visit our classes, for her own good.
Slava arrived by bus from Waterloo ready to help and Mark arrived from Vaughan not long afterward. Several women sat with them as Slava guided them through the meditation. It was very peaceful to watch them, and the participants stayed for a long time. Many returned with more people. Rana from the YWCA in Hamilton invited us to teach about 30 women to meditate at her organization which offers a variety of exercise classes and assistance for women in need. Many simple techniques were shared. As the conversations turned to the power of nature to clear up the clutter of our attention, many revealed that they felt best near the water or hiking in the forest. We shared that looking at a clear sky, paying more attention to the blades of grass, the earth and the fall colours was very good for calming the mind and improving health.
The atmosphere was very positive and there was so much love and light being exchanged amongst the volunteers and the participants. One of speakers from the medical profession arrived after her address to the larger audience. She humbly explained the benefits of meditation to a lovely lady we had met at lunch. All 3 ladies we talked to at the lunch hour came to gather materials from our booth. Isabelle, Brenda and I were so grateful that Slava and Mark came from so far to help. Thanks to everyone and the organizers, for the opportunity to share this wonderful discovery. Thank you also to all the people who invited us to attend their events with our team of volunteers in the near future. We will see you there!
Paula, Brenda and Isabelle - dancercizing by the end of the Conference
Paula, Brenda and Isabelle from sahaja yoga (free) meditation booth – dancercizing 🙂 by the end of the Conference

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  1. Antoinette Wells

    Very uplifting to read your article/report on the event, Iona. I am a therapist myself and I find your workshop really inspiring! It is great to go out there where people are in pain and need their Kundalini awakening!

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