France Did Not Stammer: Yoann Freget is La Voix de La France – The Voice of France (!) – PAGE WITH ALL VIDEOS

Yoann Freget is The VOICE 2013 - FRANCE

 France did not stammer when She selected Yoann Freget as Her Winner of The Voice 2013  (!)

 Yoann Freget on The Voice 2013

(#1 Performance in FINAL Show) ” Dans L’autre monde /In Another World” of Celine Dion

(#2 Video Yoann with GAROU)Amazing Grace

(#3 FINAL performance): “What about Earth” of Michael Jackson

(VIDEO #4 FINAL performance with ZAZ) “Je Veux” 

After Yoann had offered us so many beautiful vibrating moments we offer him a friendly hand and a petal of thankfulness directly from the bottom of our hearts.

Dear Yoann, keep souring high with God’s Cool Breeze under your wings! You are a blessed soul and We believe in you!

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  1. Tracy

    Dear sister Ioana, Thank you once again for giving us all of this joy, in sharing the exciting and miraculous and enormously well-deserved journey and success Yoann has reached on The Voice. What a Victory, Glory and Celebration!! Love, Tracy

  2. Carmen Ross

    I started listening to the above videos and Cool Breeze pouring on top of my head and on my spine. Congratulations Yoann you have made us so proud.

  3. Julian Kingsbury

    The Kundalini rejoices with each one of his notes – such a joy! A truly blessed soul.

  4. priya

    watch in direct all the final and I can tell that the bro caster from the tv said : You don’t need to vote for him, he is the voice.
    Of course it was a small joke but it is true when i told this thing to a friend she felt many vibrations.
    So Thank to all and Shri Mataji
    Thank you Yoann to pass the message of Sahaja -yoga by the music. Your music is full of love and vibations

  5. Shashidhar

    Congratulations Yoann – such a divine voice. Surely, God is on your side and you deserve all these accolades!

    May you grow from strength to strength…

  6. Colleen

    Absolutely incredible!!! The vibrations are amazing!!!

  7. Howard Swinson

    Congratulations Yoann! You did a super job and your Canadian ‘family’ is proud of you!

  8. Jayanthi

    Wow, Yoann you did it again, It’s so clear that he is the chosen one to make difference in france and around the world in music

    1. Isabelle


  9. Elizabeth

    Such a gift from Shri Mataji to have Yoann on the world stage giving vibrations through his voice.

  10. louisesherwood

    delightful that france recognized his music! Pure!

  11. Mahvash

    Amazing Thank you dear Ioana

  12. Liz

    WOW!!!!! I have goosebumps!! Thank you for sharing!

  13. joyce

    Nice and so deserved !! Congratulations from all of us at home! Awesome !!!! Feel the love xoxox

  14. priya

    Thank to you to make this wonderfull video available in Canada.
    Thank you so much.
    Thank you to yoann to spread vibrations by the music with so much of love.

  15. Indu

    I felt so much love listening to you sing. The songs you chose to sing are so powerful. Thank you Yoann. You are amazing!

  16. Rajani

    You did justice to Michael Jackson’s Earth song – and made it your own, like always :). Every time I watch it, I feel the power at the moment you say ‘Mother Earth’ and touch the ground. So cool, so beautiful. Keep shining 🙂

  17. Anjali

    Dear brother Yoann, I only wish and pray that you remain pure and protected throughout this new journey. We talk about you here in halton and miss you a lot and are always keeping you in our attention and sending you love. all the best with everything.

  18. Elsie Kuly

    How fortunate we were here in Burlington to have heard Yoann live. I listened to the video where he sang his song with the finalists. It was outstanding and I’m so glad he was chosen.

  19. Vikram C

    So nice that we can show a role model to our Sahaja kids and that they are mainstream.

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