Kundalini in Spain (video) & Youth LOVING-LIVING Meditation (LINKS!!)

Youth’s Touring Meditation” – Spain & Italy, 2012

Enjoy a joyful short video from the Europe’s Youth Power (‘yuva shakti’ in Sanskrit)or Sahaja Yogis/Meditators during their Fall 2012’s tour in Spain and Italy – that lasted 2 weeks.

More than 5o young people from all over Europe had joined the tour that was focused at the beginning on the cities around Barcelona.

There was even a procession (Indian style! 🙂 ) right in the centre of Barcelona.. these outspoken young people, that are so  lovingly proud of their motherly Yoga teacher – Shri Mataji as a Guru –  were protectively escorted by police.. yeah, they enjoyed that part too, no doubt 🙂 . The whole idea was to share their joy and have fun together with music and meditation, thus vibrating city after city!

There is a nice song in the second half of the video about Kundalini energy, song created by an Italian Yuva Shakti /Yogi.

After the video we have gathered few more links on a variety of themes but also ‘featuring’ the youth that love to meditate-introspect-enjoy-and-grow with sahaja yoga. Enjoy!

Young & Cool: Links to GREAT VIDEOs & Stories

(video) Little Socrates (watch the Transformation!)

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(click!) DANCE video: Analuiza from Brazil: in Burlington Post!

(click!) Age & Innocence – Hallellujah (Cohen’s BEST!!)

(click!) Anjani’s Photos & Story: ‘Awakening Austria’ Tour

(click!) Eva in Canada & New York: Belgium Student’s Meditation Marathon!

(click!) True Fairytale Story in Vienna’s Ball with A Young & Beautiful & .. Enlightened Princess!

(click!) Ana Bianca & New Ideas – VIDEO (Burlington) & Inspiring Quotes

(click!) Cool Kids: best gift for Humanity (Khalil Gibran!)

3 Responses to “Kundalini in Spain (video) & Youth LOVING-LIVING Meditation (LINKS!!)”

  1. sailaja rani ginka says:

    very inspiring!!! the yuvas are doing a GRREAT job !! so happy to see the effort of spreading wisdom !! too beautiful kundalini song, without knowing the meaning also enjoyed it a lot in a bliss!!!

  2. Shilpa says:

    In these great times of confusion, this video was like a breeze of fresh air…and gives hope, that this world will transform soon…

  3. Paula says:

    Joy Revolution in Spain! Loved the reggae style kundalini song by an Italian yogi…very positive and inspiring energy!

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