Short VIDEO Gift on Orthodox Easter: Joy of Life (Happy Easter) or Are we missing the Point?!

Wishing A Happy Easter to All that Celebrate this weekend the Orthodox Easter!

The beautiful Easter Card received today from Claudia – Romanian Yogini friend

Short Enlighening video with Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation

1986 ORF Radio Interview – Children, and the Joy in Life from Sahaja Library on Vimeo. (Archive video: Extract from H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi being interviewed for ORF Radio, Vienna, Austria. 1986. (1986-0709)

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  1. Colleen

    Beautiful, beautiful Easter card, thank you for sharing Ioana. As Shri Mataji says in the video, we as adults are the example, how we act is how the children will act. So very true!! Thank you.

  2. Elsie Kuly

    Shri Mataji states that if we give the child realization then many wonderful opportunities will be given to that child.

    How privileged these children will be. What a perfect way to raise our children.

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