Daisy, Chakras and People – Sahaj Natural Connections


“My mother gave me an English name – Daisy.

If you see, the daisy is the Sahasrara (chakra),


This past week, there was this spontaneous fascination with Daisies.

burlington-daisies-palleta-mansionWhen Analuiza from Brazil was visiting Burlington we’ve showed her around and we’ve seen beautiful (rooted) bouquet of  happy daisies in the garden of Palleta Mansion in Burlington that we’ve brought”here” (see the left side image – was a rainy day, but the daisies were smiling as always);

Also the keys were lost and found near a package decorated with daisies;  the interior garden of the nice restaurant we’ve dinned at Tobermory was all about tall and dancing beautiful daisies (you can see them in the image above) and the list will go on .

As we know, a healthy way to get over such attraction is to confront it and talk about it.

So, here we are with images and words that expose it and reveal it as it Really is: a Sahaj Connection.

daisy-3-sm1 dsc022371Also a gift bag that happened to come in my way when we  wanted to gather few gifts offered with much love to a dear Sahaja Yogini visiting us,happen to be with Daisies and for the same day most of the flowers a friend collected from her garden were daisies again.  All these “ordinary” clues are actually so sahaj, in a natural and simple way they remind us about deeper connections. Spirituality becomes a day to day experience, like sitting at the table and talking with some friends can be such a cool fresh moment where pure love is flowing and the connection is strong and definitive. One feels rooted to that moment, and Self-Realization happens in an instant.

Shri Mataji was saying:

“My mother gave me an English name – Daisy. If you see, the daisy is the Sahasrara, Whole. ”

Shri Mataji 2 June, 1982 Madrid


Anytime I look to this photograph of Shri Mataji in a white shawl all I see is a beautiful radiant, loving and majestic Daisy. Same when I look to any of my friends from our Halton classes, the beauty of their open Sahasrara chakra, which is the crown chakra is reflected on them, so they all are beautiful Daisies for me.

[nggallery id=7]

Enjoy the image below sent as an answer to my call for “inspirational photos with daisies” by an Austrian friend, Michael. This is a house in Vienna where Sahaja Yogis gather and meditate and have special events, plus as an interesting thing, many of the decorations within the house – as well the sign in front of the house –  were hand-made by these skillful and talented people that love practising sahaja yoga = being great gardeners for their flower-chakras.

As our friend Malti had suggested in one of her emails related to this article, that will be nice for our houses to have daisies nearby so we’ll all remember the beautiful potential awaiting within us; reminding us that our bodies are the gardens for these  chakra-daisies and they ultimately decorate nothing else but …

The House where our Spirituality resides


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  1. Malti Menon

    Amazing story……..While we were working on Our Lakshmi Basket Project, Sandra mentioned that Daisey are one of Mother’s favourite flowers and she brought me some from her home when she came to my house to work on the basket. Since that day wherever I go, I notice them. It is a must have in your garden, I think.


  2. Gowri

    In one of her speeches, she told daisies in England were not atall having smell. After she went there, all the daisies were became fragrant. When I saw Shri Mataji in this article, I felt so happy and soothing.

  3. Edda Escudero

    It is so beautiful to me to get a chance to learn every day from different sources and undestand how the connection with the divine is shown on our day to day experiences. So many signs to see.. Lots of love

  4. Rabi Ghosh

    Article and composition as fragrant as daisy. A real joy for the Spirits. Thank you for such lovely post

  5. Debbie

    I have been attending classes for about 6 months now so pretty new compared to many of my Sahaja Family. My dear mother was in the ICU and I was praying to Shri Mataji. At about 3:00am on January 31, 2010, I dozed off. I saw a field of daisies and quickly opened my eyes because I remembered this was Mataji’s flower. My mother died after 9:00am that morning and I truly believe that Mataji was there guiding her along her journey. Ironically, I planted daisies in my garden two years ago.

    Lots of love always.

  6. adrian

    It is nice to remember a loved one.

    1. Ioana

      Hello Stefano, it is a photo for sure – but this is an older article and cannot remember where the photo ‘came’ from ; these articles are born in a very sahaj way and then .. everything comes together from everywhere 🙂 thank you for visiting our blog, please remain our friends 🙂

  7. Jolanta

    Excellent point made in this blog+ beautiful photographs!

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