(VIDEO) Yogini Singer from Montreal has Great Success in Austrian Churches & Concert Halls!

Letter from one of Rachelle’s Austrian Fans:

Dear Rachelle, I am utterly grateful for your lovely and impressing concert, and the godly vibrations and love you gave us. The response from the whole audience was totally positive and the concert gave me the feeling that we all belong to a godly family. On the one hand I have never seen the audience were so swept off their feet and on the hand not at any time I have experienced such a deep silence in the church.

Hopefully it was not to stressful for you before the beginning of the concert.  I will like to say thank you wholeheartedly for your visit and I am looking forward welcoming you in Vorchdorf again. Kind regards, Fritz”

Rachelle Jeanty is a dear friend of mine and great singer from Montreal (originally from Haiti) who is also teaching sahaja yoga meditation all over the world, is touring Europe. I am really pleased with the great feedback that Rachelle had received from her most recent concerts and workshops, in which beside the vibrant spiritual music she is also sharing with thousands of people, her subtle knowledge of  yoga and meditation, as well her heartfelt respect for Shri Mataji – our beloved yoga guru/teacher/spiritual mother. Enjoy few more snapshots (from newspapers and from public photo albums).

Rachelle says:

“Please, put your right hand on your Heart and Smile, and now – Keep Smiling!!!


Rachelle Jeanty was invited to a mega International Seminar - Sahasrara 2011 in Italy at Cabella Ligure with daily concerts in a Tribute to Grande Madre


Facebook posting from Martina (Munich):

“Dear family,  I would like to share with U a few moments from the Long Music Night Festival, which took place the last Saturday (28.05.11) in Munich. It happens once a year and for the entry price of 15 euros one can choose to visit more then 100 different performances. Being at the moment alone standing mother, I almost never get out for a cultural events. This time I was free to go and knowing all the performers of our SY concert (in which we participated for a very first time), I decided to go and check some other concerts as well. I saw only a few of them, honestly its not easy to visit many, and finally i made it for the aftermidnight performance of Rachelle in our Sahaja yoga centre. I must admit, this was so good as the strawbery on the cake! Mnjamee!
Here I could fully realise, what a GEM we have among us. This brilliant performance showed me, what is the difference between the realised and not realised artists. What a lightness, humour and different approach to the songs, with an introduction about our Mother, Kundalini… Seeing all the pictures from Rachelle´s church performance in Austria, all the people enjoying the power of the Holy Ghost at exactly that place, which is just ment for it!!! Rachelle, You are exactly one of those angels You talk about in your performances, such a divine instrument, You already managed to give selfrealisation to so many people… I believe, we really have to bring You everywhere possible, the people enjoy U so much, through You they open their hearts and realise, who they are… I was so happy to feel the joy of the spirit! Thank You Mother!!!
I allowed myself to copy 2 excerpts from the responces on Rachelle´s concert in the Catholic church in Vorchdorf (Austria), organised by two austrian yogis Natascha Rubia and Fritz Mayr. In the german mail is written, how big success was this concert, where more then 400 people got their selfrealisation/awakening of Kundalini energy. After Sahasrara Maha mantras one could feel such vibrations, that left everybody in the deepest peace. Almost everybody participated and many had the tears of joy in the eyes. Check the pictures at the http://www.facebook.com/l/63298EYPGnRinGgFMW7o2_gcueg/www.vorchdorfonline.at
maybe You can feel the joy as well.Lots of Love , Martina (Munich)

Enjoy more photo-shots with feedback from  Rachelle’s Tour in Europe 2011


dance, sing and meditate ..with Rachelle


VIDEO Trailer -Invitation to Rachelle’s Programs:

The following is the Promotion-Video of the press conference for a very large music event in Munich, Germany where 20.000 visitors were expected to participate to 120 event locations. The Munich Center of Sahaja Yoga Meditation has been qualified as an official event location for this event with a music and sahaja yoga meditation program for awakening the Kundalini energy (including the self-realization /actualization of yoga experience).

“When I was small, I used to tell my father that it is my desire that like the Stars in the Sky, many people on Earth should also Shine and Spread the Light of God.” – Shri Mataji

(click!) Opera Music with the New Maria Callas & Canadian Gospel Singer for A Silent Night,Oh Holy Night in Vienna with 2 Stars: Rachelle & Tatiana

(click!) Canadian Impact in the World: Rachelle from Quebec – Sharing the Fusion of Meditation & Gospels in Germany

These 3 last links take us to other beautiful successes and memorable events of Rachelle Jeanty’s European Tour (2010-2011). Hope everyone enjoyed them all!

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  1. Peter Jakob

    …last weekend the Sahaja Yoga Center in Munich participated in a long music event with 120 event locations and concerts from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. in Munich Downtown. All Sahaj Artists (including Rachelle) got a very good response from the audience. Music is verily a future promising media to pass on en masse selfrealisation. Approx. 150 people visited the Center and many people felt not only the cool breeze of the Kundalini but were fully touched in their hearts and became connected with the joy of the spirit by our Sahaj Music!
    On the next day, Rachelle conducted an inspiring Gospel Workshop for newcomers with the same results. Some people reported that this was the most joyful experience which they remember in their lifes.
    Thank you Mother for this great experience!
    and full respect to Rachelle and all other artists who acted as pure divine instruments!
    Prem from Munich

  2. Özlem Gibeau

    Amazing ,my dear sister spreading around the beauty of Mother. It’s so touching.
    Good luck sweet soul,
    lot’s of love from Montreal,

  3. Thava Govender

    If music be the food of love play on Dearest Sister .Mother’s Blessings in spreading SY in the lives you touch.

  4. cheryl

    “Listen to the answer, Let It Be…” beautiful rendition of this famous song. Thank you Rachelle for giving real understanding of the meaning of the lyrics of the songs we all love. in this short excerpt, i heard in my heart ‘go inside, know, be,and manifest the Self’.

  5. cheryl

    “Listen to the answer, Let It Be…” beautiful rendition of this famous song. Thank you Rachelle for facilitating in Joy & Beauty the real understanding of the meaning of the lyrics of these songs we all love. in this short excerpt, i heard in my heart ‘go inside, know, be, and manifest the Self’.

  6. paula

    I just voted for her as she is on The Voice Germany and her voice reaches down in to your soul! Would be great to share this as well and help her be the voice of Germany! As Yoann Freget became the voice of France! I saw the link for The Voice Germany the judges loooved her!!! Sahaja yogis know why…we feel her vibrations which are pure and joyful! Such an insight is gained through Sahaja yoga…the ability to enjoy those vibrations and enjoy the purity and truth in any art that emits beauty that appeals to our heart, soul and spirit. This is all that matters.

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