True Fairytale Story in Vienna’s Traditional Opera Ball (2011!) with A Young & Beautiful & .. Enlightened Princess! Sharing a Yogi Daddy’s Joyful Story

This is a true and fresh story coming from Vienna from a very dear friend and sahaja yogi, Toni. We know each other for many years and we share as well from time to time news with photos about our families, kids, vacations and of course our personal blessings and spiritual experiences.  We’ve seen each other’s children growing, from students studying and meditating in the lap of the Himalayas mountains turning into spiritually active and genuinely caring human beings.  They are eager to pass further on to their peers the spontaneous connection (through Kundalini awakening) and their meditative understanding on the world while (of course :-)) having the best of fun with their friends and extended sahaja yoga family – world wide! Their message and motto?! See below .. and remember this ‘face’ .. because now the story starts .. with Ganga.

A Yogi Dad’s  Sahaj Fairy Tale Story of his Little Princess

Toni from Austria writes in 2 recent emails: “I have to tell you about some personal blessings: you may have heard of the famous Austrian Opera Ball ? usually it offers society scandals…, but even the president of Austria is hosting this event. It was always Lisa’s desire that Ganga would participate at the opening ceremony of this annual society event. (Note: Lisa is Toni’s wife, Ganga and Amadeus are their teens children) So Ganga & Amadeus registered last autumn and had to show their dancing talents. 🙂 Some weeks ago eventually they were accepted, but only as replacement, because they were a bit late…Suddenly the cosmetic company Lancome, which is responsible for the makeup of this event, called Ganga and asked her for a photo session. Ganga’s glowing face on her introductory photo has attracted everyone’s attention, which worked out that Ganga has been nominated as  “the Face of the Viennese Operaball 2011”. So, Amadeus and Ganga had been dancing in the second row at the opening – means that this year’s Opera Ball will be opened by young sahaja yogis of Austria (at least 2 members…)!  Please share our bliss – it has helped us all over the last tearful days ((click!) with the passing of our beloved holy mother, Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)– to watch Ganga’s bright smile in many Austrian newspapers. About the actual opening night, well, it was an unforgettable night, as the ball started at 10 pm and lasted till 5 am. Toni was at home recording the live-stories from TV. Lisa was attending with a lady colleague from Germany. But all of us together with grandparents and aunties were attending the dress rehearsal the night before the ball, which was exciting too as the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra was playing for us.Ganga’s face was also printed inside the official program-book, which every guest received, the page is enclosed. Of course, Lisa did not buy an over-expensive ticket for a Loge, but after 2am when the first guests had left Lisa and Susan “invaded” an empty Loge and enjoyed the dancing crowd from close distance. 🙂

Meanwhile, this Toni was recording until 1am. 🙂 and they all woke me up at 6am at their return, and sent me to the office, while they all went on their pillows… 🙂 Enjoy the bliss of life, Toni & Lisa-shakti  (actually Toni’s letter continues with a rhetorical question, captured below)

A Dad’s Question to the Mirror of his  Heart:

“so the question is:

who … is… the most beautiful princess of this country ??

“=> Ganga – the youngest yogini in our family!”

“Please enjoy the bliss of watching a realized soul in the media coverage.  🙂
May the bliss of Shri Mataji’s children enlighten the Opera and all participants !!
Namaste, Toni”

I hope that you all enjoyed this sweet story. The fact that on this most fashion oriented times when any teenager would dream and even fight for immediate fame and short lived  stardom, that’s quite remarkable what a playful breeze was for Ganga’s face to appear on the Vienna’s Ball 2011 poster, without any personal desire of such sort. Instead, Ganga’s attention was on  helping with the poster that was promoting the cool Self Realization experiment of Awakening of Kundalini through Sahaja Yoga Meditation- that she and her entirely family loved it all their lives.. Such a playful play to witness: full of grace, beauty, suspense, humour, Love and Music – yes, an Opera Ball guided by a Divine Hand!

Same Hand that writes for each and all .. our daily life Stories that many times feel like true Fairytales ..

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16 Responses to “True Fairytale Story in Vienna’s Traditional Opera Ball (2011!) with A Young & Beautiful & .. Enlightened Princess! Sharing a Yogi Daddy’s Joyful Story”

  1. armaity says:

    Lovely cheerful news. And the vibrant beautiful face of Ganga on the inside page of the official program book is sure to spread vibrations around.

  2. Elke Wirth says:

    Beautiful story indeed!
    While Lacombe advertises with that beautiful radiant face, it really wasn’t the makeup that made Ganga’s face shine! 🙂

  3. Hitesh says:

    Every dream comes with a reality.

  4. Edword says:

    That’s great! (watched it on TV)

  5. Joanne says:

    A fairytale indeed!! 🙂

  6. Rabi says:

    What a wonderful news. Thank you Toni ji and thank you Ioana for bringing out the hidden secret to share amongst all of us in such a beautiful photo illustrations and presentation.

  7. By HER grace a dream could be converted into reality.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Sushil says:

    Yes, we must remain in main stream and colour it with out vibrations…

    Great to know it.

  9. Lavanya Nicola says:

    Thanks for sharing Ioana and Toni. It just displays a snapshot of what our future when these special young generation will take the front stage, and perhaps lead the world, with immense vibrations!
    Congratulations Ganga!

  10. Saumya says:

    A Fairy Tale indeed! Ganga is really very vibrant and beautiful..and carries a signature smile of a Sahajayogi! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Debbie says:

    Wow – how amazingly the divine works everything out. So happy to share in this delightful news. Ganga radiates like the warm sun shedding its rays upon – just beautiful.

    Lots of love always.

  12. neelkamal says:

    Its delight to see Yuva Shkti touch such heights.Ganga keep it up our beloved mother s blessings are with you.

  13. Sima says:

    very beautiful and full of vibrations story. we also are feeling cool:)

  14. Aarti Srivastava says:

    beautiful story and pretty ganga….may shri mataji bless every youth to spread sahajayoga in the world.

  15. vasudha says:

    very very pretty Ganga. Very heart touching story. May Shree Mataji bless her to spread sahajayoga in the world.

  16. Raj says:

    I was watching one of the old Sahaj videos where Shree Mataji is talking to Sahajis with the children sitting right in front. Shree Mataji had Her attention on the children though talking and at one point She was amused by their actions and says” ..I’m just waiting for them to grow up…” and Her eyes shone with the expression of what She had seen in the future – so much joy and pride in Her children. Looking at beautiful ,serene Ganga, gives us that hope that in the midst of all the confusion and problems that youths are facing these days, it is these pearls of Shree Mataji that the world is looking forward to without knowing it , to lead it out of the doldrum it is in today. When Kishor (my son) talks of the advancement in microbiology and nanotechnology,often not having a clue of what he is talking about, I watch him thanking Shree Mataji for he is the future She was referring to in the talk – young, vibrant children of Shree Mataji carved out of Her desire to save the world She created and lead us out of the maya that Kali Yuga left behind….we are truly blessed….

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