Special events in Burlington

Sahaj Easter 2009

Wonderful event with Easter Eggs, Easter stories/customs, yummy & healthy Potluck dinner and Cool Meditation with focus on Forgiveness, pure Love and compassion. Great vibes and great fun!!

Sahaj Culture Evening – May 7, 2008

Great evening of sharing experiences in circle based groups; everyone found it useful, fun and profound, all in one! The request was to have more such events.

Meditation with Live Sitar Performance-Class1 Spring Course 2008

Special event organized by Burlington Sahaja Yoga class – with Seema as a special guest performing few ragas at Sitar

Art & Spirituality Part#1 – Renaissance & Impressionism

Beautiful Event where Visual Art, Poetry & Meditation were intertwined and experiences. This time the Western Art was presented, enjoyed and meditate upon. Our guide was Valentina Churilova, dear friend and artist from Toronto plus a teacher of Sahaja Yoga Meditation @ University of Toronto.

Sahaja Yoga and Western Medicine

Very successful event organized by our Burlington class and having Dr. Maxim Pashin as a special guest.

Sahaj Guru Game- Round#3 -Sahasrara Team

Very interesting evening when we’ve learnt a lot about the chakra/energy centre with 1000 petals. Ann even dedicated a very beautiful poem to this chakra!

1 year Celebration Burlington Class

Joyful event with many guests; powerful collective meditation, workshop and stories of progress that were shared.

Special Event with Classical Indian Music – 2006

Summer Seminar with special guests: Glen Pattison (playing harmonium) and Hema Kukreja (playing Sitar)

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