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Magic ‘Inner Peace with Meditation’ at IKEA (Colleen’s TRUE “Winter’s Tale”)

Colleen’s “Winter’s Tale” or IKEA ‘new year resolution’ Story Colleen’s Friends and Yogis – Family from Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class On Sunday, January 11th, I had...

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(video-testimonial) Samantha from Youth Class: “What Sahaja Yoga Meditation did for me” +++

(video #1 ) Get to Know Sam: “How Family should be ..” : (video #2) Samantha’s Yogi Friends:  WATCH Declarations on STAGE (video #3)  Sam’s GREAT VIBES in MUSIC-SLIDESHOW (!) (video #4) WATCH SURPRISING...

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Yogi Stas (3 min interview)

 (video- set EN subtitles) Watch Interview @ Burlington Cristmas Party with Yogi Stas  The interview was part of a project for the young meditators from the” Life De-Stress with Meditation for Youth” classes...

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Aunty Carmela’s Interview about Walking in the Woods with a Flashlight – Testimonial at Christmas Party 2014 @ Baxter’s, Burlington

(video) Spontaneous Answers from Aunty Carmela (Burlington class) Carmela was born in Croatia, lived also in Australia and UK before making her permanent home here in Burlington, Canada. She has a wealth of generosity, talents,...

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Christmas Basket (international vibrations, music and wisdom) with FREE BOOK GIFT (! Expecting to Fly !)

“He(Jesus)  did come to create the passage between as you see here, the Vishuddhi (known as throat chakra) and the Sahasrara (known as crown chakra), this Agnya. In the primordial being - known as the Virata- He was...

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(photos + Thank you letter) Sahaja Yoga Meditation contributes to 2014 Empowering Youth Conference with Motivational Speakers + Inner-Peace Meditation volunteer team (!)

Fall 2014 Bronte Creek Project/Trailhead Empowering Youth Conference ~ Light the Fire: Follow your Passion into Action ~ Thank you Card received by 1 of the Sahaja Yoga meditation motivational speakers from Bronte Creek...

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