Hours of Joy via Soul Music & Meditation with Rachelle – Now in Austria!

Hours of joy with Rachelle at Bad

Schallerbach in Austria

Rachelle, Canadian Singer from Montreal is getting busy touring Europe with her programs of Soul/Gospel Music, Dance and Meditation. We have some beautiful photos coming from Austria this time from  a public program where Rachelle was accompanied on piano by Roland Bumberger (talented “local” musician and sahaja yoga meditation practitioner as well :-))

Rachelle from Montreal Canada - spreading Vibrations and Bringing a deep feeling of Meditation and Spontaneous Connection (sahaja yoga!) in the audiences present to her programs

Of course, the Joy got translated finally into a General Dance as it happens most of the times during the Sahaj Music & Meditation programs.  

Dancing on Rachelle's Awakening Music - Kundalini is dancing within too!

 At the end, the singing workshop concluded with Rachelle’s powerful rendition of Beatle’s Song “Let it be!” (that is so Sahaj!!) .. and of course everyone realized that we are All simply “just”: Brothers/Sisters & Sisters/Brothers that Share Same World.

We’ll follow Rachelle’s Journey thorugh Europe .. enjoying the news about our talented and vibrant Canadian that is warming up the Winters in .. Europe. 🙂

Stay Tuned! See below an example with Rachelle’s success in Germany!

Rachelle’s programs of Soul/Gospel Music & Meditation Workshop in Munich

2 Responses to “Hours of Joy via Soul Music & Meditation with Rachelle – Now in Austria!”

  1. ornella says:

    Rachelle love and spontaneity adorn your face and our soul when we listen to your voice and melody, we hope to see you back to Italy (the soul of Europe) in December singing for Mother Christmas Night.
    Thanks xxxx

  2. Elsie says:

    Rachelle’s face glows with beauty and peace. It would be wonderful to hear this young lady sing.

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