Joy of Dandia Sticks Dance @ Raksha-Bandhan Event in Burlington

These Photos speak by Themselves – Enjoy The Sahaj Joy @ Special Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class in Burlington

First Photo Album – ONLY with the Dandia moment

kudos go to Gladys from Burlington Class that took all the above¬†beautiful photos – one cannot believe that Gladys will be 70 next year!! the photos below were made by another “photographer” from our Halton group.¬†

Photo-Album from other moments of this Special Event:

2 Responses to “Joy of Dandia Sticks Dance @ Raksha-Bandhan Event in Burlington”

  1. Debbie says:

    Initially, I was very skeptical about trying to learn this dance because I am so un-cordinated however, once we were shown a few times Shirley and I were right into it having a great time – it was such a wonderful and joyous experience to share along with my Sahaja family.

    Lots of love always.

  2. leili sadri says:

    jay shri mataji

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