Experience BE-ing in Nature: INVITE for FALL 2016!! ( Enjoy PHOTOS & TIPS)


Our team of volunteers from Halton/Niagara/Barrie  Sahaja Yoga Meditation are inviting everyone to try meditate in nature this Fall! We have even a better proposal: try the sahaj way –  spontaneously, sincerely and in the state of thoughtless awareness, while asking the motherly power of life to take charge of our destiny, help us become better children of Mother Earth and better brothers and sisters in our shared global family.


Mother Earth and our Spirit are looking forward to be (re)connected this way! People of any age (children, youth, adults and seniors) have tried it at our classes/ workshops /seminars and their feedback was always extremely positive


— they were surprised, that ‘Yes it is possible! Yes, I can feel the peace within and the connection”.


Feedback gathered from children that tried our workshops in Nature: ” I feel so relaxed;” I feel so calm.. “I feel the energy in my hands ..” I feel better about writing my test tomorrow at school 🙂 ” .. I feel the cool breeze in my hands, no doubt ..” .. My hands feel lighter than when i came in .. ” “I feel better” ..



Few fresh photos from our workshops in nature with Paula and Isabelle are shared in this posting, as well a powerful article on meditation in nature that was enjoyed by more than a half of million people

(click)The Tree, The Yogi and The Child

4 Responses to “Experience BE-ing in Nature: INVITE for FALL 2016!! ( Enjoy PHOTOS & TIPS)”

  1. Sam says:

    What great photos! Looks like it’s a wonderful location again this year. So nice to see kids *really* enjoying being in the forest, in the Sahaj way. I look forward to helping out this Monday and Tuesday!

  2. Antoinette Wells says:

    Beautiful as always!

  3. Tracy says:

    So lovely to see children doing meditation they are so innocent and say what is on there minds. Very nice picture go work.

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