(VIDEO|photo|Letter) COOL KIDS have “Day of Fun” with “Inner Peace” Sahaja Yoga Meditation Workshop!!

Daniel Sahaja Yogi

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Cool Kids at Church in Burlington -- Day of FunArtHouse Homework Club - THANK YOU LETTER

It was a special workshop indeed! We adapted a lot the Inner Peace workshop format to be very inter-active for this age group so every child will get involved as well will learn about meditation and participate actively. Our team of three (Shulin, Kathleen and Ioana) from Halton sahaja yoga meditation had received great help from Taylor M., coordinator from ChangeTheWorld and other youth volunteers.

We all learned about the tree of life and its energy and fruit-like qualities! By the end our our intense session our team felt truly rewarded to receive the appreciation from the organizers and children in kind words, even a hug .. and some time later, the beautiful appreciation letter!!

Thanks again to  “Arthouse for Children and Youth” Club, the Halton Volunteers andCTW for Community Development Halton that had initiated this event dedicated to mental health. Indeed, a story of success when few Halton based charitable organizations collaborate for the benefit of our community’s children. May our volunteering efforts meet againand produce another peaceful and meditative “Day of Fun”!




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  1. paula says:

    It is so simple. When children are taught to listen to the silence within, to be in the moment, are encouraged to embrace joy, are given the tools for life, are shown how to connect to their higher self, the mother earth, how to balance their feelings, how to feel better,how to “know thy self”, they become empowered to be their best self through the yoga which means “connection” or union.

    These sessions are so simple and children can understand very easily their connection with everyone and everything. The most important lesson is that we all have access to that wonderful power within and that we all matter.

    Nature is to be enjoyed, the innocence that children emit is a very beautiful quality and worth protecting. We can all nurture this innocence within our own self by meditating and restoring balance within. I have learned so much from children. We all can. And they feel very easily the cool breeze flowing through their hands. Their eyes light up. We all light up. It is like getting confirmation of something you have always known deep down. That we are all connected to everyone and everything. That life is marvelous and to be enjoyed. This is how.

    Such wonderful programs, incorporating music, nature, art, dance, fun, and thoughtless awareness.

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