(photos|Song) REPORT from UNIONVILLE Highschool : “Thank You Letter” to SYM & Artist Tim Bruce for INNER PEACE MARATHON

Art Unionville We were Back to (Unionville High) School!!

Back to School - Samantha - Tim - Ioana and Pauala from Halton sahaja Yoga meditation team

Samantha, Tim Bruce (freshly arrived to Canada from UK, the night before!!), Ioana and Paula -> early in the morning, before starting our marathon of offering 3 consecutive large sahaja yoga meditation Inner Peace workshops intertwined with live music and poetry (inter-active) performances .. to students.  Enjoy our Report!

1st Workshop

Energy workshop with ESL students and SY - Tim Bruce-1

Poster at Unionville

Workshop 12

Tree Yoga Position

Appreciation Letter from Unionville School to Sahaja Yoga Meditation team

Thank you Letteer - part 1 UNIONVILLEThank You Letter Part 2

Painting in School

2nd Workshop

Sound Workshop wih Tim Bruce1


Inter-Active workshop1

Team Sahaja Yoga -1

Our complete team for the 3 Inner Peace – sahaja Yoga meditation workshops: Ioana, Samantha and Paula — volunteer instructors from Halton ; Tim Bruce — artist and meditation instructor from UK  and      Claudia — volunteer instructor from Cool Kids – Richmond Hills

MORE Feedback from Richmond Hill & Brampton Students about Free (Sahaja Yoga) Meditation Programs

(click: photos & impressions) 10 Inner Peace Workshops @ Wellness Fair on May 15, 2015

(click) Thank you Letter from HIGH-SCHOOL’s Wellness Team (!)

We Thank Ms Pugh and her ESL Team from Unionville High-School as well to their students for reaching out to us, together we were able to  realize this “marathon of inner peace with sahaja yoga meditation, music and poetry” on September 18, 2015. Our great thanks go to Tim Bruce who accepted to be our special guest on such a short notice! Tim, you are an extraordinary friend for the Inner peace volunteers around the world, and we really hope to be reunited with you sometime in 2016!! Exciting Art projects involving youth and meditation are the horizon. We thank to our amazing volunteers as well! It was a fantastic year and they all deserve to Enjoy “A song Called Life“:

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  1. Jon says:

    This is absolutely extraordinary! It is amazing to see that the youth of our times can be so enthusiastically connected to and concerned for Mother Earth! It is amazing to see the possibilities when we see programs like these so well received at our local high schools. Great job to everyone!

  2. Jayanthi says:

    Dear Sahaj Family, it’s good to see that our youths are on a fast track in spreading Sahaj knowledge in the community where it’s needed the most.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Felicity says:

    Great stuff ,is there a video of the actual exercises and meditation presentation? This would be great to see.

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