Destiny MUSIC & YOGI’s Tip: Chakras are Impacted by Thoughts

Meditation is a State of Silence

(Yogi’s Tip): Meditate, No Thoughts on Chakras  

“But you must know, that, beyond Thought when you go, these chakras
become extremely efficient.

Because the Thought puts a pressure on
them (on chakras), and because of the pressure, the movement of these chakras is
very slow and ineffective.

But once you can get out of your Thoughts
and go into Thoughtless Awareness, then these chakras start working
it out and You start moving much deeper into your own being. “

— Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation (17. 12. 1990 – Brahmapuri, India)

(music) Zephyr – Destiny

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Miracle Photo - Collective Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Outdoors -International Sahaja Yoga Seminar in Russia 2009

3 Responses to “Destiny MUSIC & YOGI’s Tip: Chakras are Impacted by Thoughts”

  1. Tracy says:

    The music zephyr-destiny was amazing vibrations my hands were tingling It was way better than the music i was listening to at work. When it was done i noticed there was lots more to listen too. It’s funny how my body just seems to come more alive with good vibrations when i hear music from shri matiji. Thank you so much!

  2. Sahaj says:

    Music is like a catalyst in the process of meditation. As one always tends to think; I call it is a squeaky wheel, music definitely helps me sooth down the thought process.

  3. Mohinder Sidana says:

    So beautiful full of cool vibrations

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