AURA Photography Proves Kundalini’s Power: from Red-Winner AURA to White-Healer AURA (Alternative Fair @ Oslo, Norway) + Belgium connections

Story sent to us by Jos, sahaja yogi brother from Belgium and great friend of our free meditation blog.

On Saturday and Sunday (10 – 11.11.1996) we had a Sahaja Yoga booth at an  ‘alternative fair’ in Oslo. A lot of people came to us to try the awakening of Kundalini (to receive their self-realization). And next to us was a man with aura – photography, who got very intrigued by our big success. So, he came to sit on one of our chairs. And then we received the intuitive inspiration to ask him to take an aura-photograph of himself before realization. This was the result:


“RED WINNER: you are a natural leader, independent, powerful, full of courage and will-power. Physical strength, vitality and realism are your strong points. You also express strong emotions like love, anger or stress. You might work too hard. Take things a little more relaxed and try to recharge yourself emotionally and physically.”

Then he tried our chakra workshop that includes the awakening of Kundalini energy from within (what we call ‘self-realization experiment’) and we asked him to take another aura-photograph, with this remarkable result:


“WHITE-HEALER: you express a high vibrating energy, reflecting spirituality and healing. You love to connect with higher dimensions and spiritual forces. You are in a very sensitive energy state, a time for meditation and awareness in your life. Try to stay grounded, feel your emotions and your physical body. Accept the transformation !!!”       

(Jos wrote to us this morning offering the photos and the story to be published on our website. Thank you Jos! Below we gather few articles with a “Belgium connection”)

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    • I also have an amazing Aura Photography (Kirlian) experience to share. About 5 years ago at the Etobicoke-New Toronto Public Library – Sahaja Yoga class. After the students left, the 4 teachers including myself decided to have a workshop taking turns with 3 teachers balancing the teacher sitting down.

      After we finished and I had also been thoroughly balanced by 3 other teachers at the same time I immediately went to the Whole Life Health Expo in downtown Toronto where I saw an Aura Photography booth and quickly got 2 detailed photographs and a deluxe printout about my Aura-Chakra system.

      When he said he was finished the photographs and analysis I asked him how my aura was and he said it was 100 and I asked him “Is that good”. He said it doesn’t get any better than 100. I asked how often that happens in a weekend. He said maybe 2 times. He has about 500 customers in the whole weekend.

      The detailed printout showed that 6 of my 7 chakras were at a 10 out of 10 and the other one was 9 out of 10. He also explained that there were 2 white spots in the photo, which he explained were angels. He mentioned that the giant circular swirl on both my left and right side were very positive signs, (they looked like 5 foot kundalini circles).

      The printout reported the following: You have a strong sense of peace and calmness. You are in intense growth and balancing body, mind and spirit. You are moving more fully into your power center. Openhearted and loving. You radiate a pure, gentle healing energy. You speak the truth from a place of compassion and non-judgement. You think in positive terms and can inspire others. You are expressing a tremendous amount of energy from your heart.

      The excellent 100 out of 100 Kirlian Aura Photograph and analysis showing six chakras 10 out of 10 and one a 9, taken only 1 hour after a Sahaja Yoga workshop balancing my subtle system, is in my opinion excellent proof that Sahaja Yoga is the best meditation in the world and with tremendous benefits.

  1. letitia says:


  2. anjali says:

    There we have it…not only can we “feel” the positive effects of Sahaja yoga meditation, thanks to this pictures we can now clearly “see” the energy change too. Great share. Remarkable.

    • Thava Govender says:

      These visuals can be great marketing tools for spreading the authenticity of our practice of meditation . Well done !!!!

  3. kanta says:

    jai shree mata ji. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures.

  4. Lavanya Nicola says:

    Accept the Transformation! Very explicit!
    Loved the little text in the final result where it says, ‘try to stay grounded’: What a subtle message for even those of us who have been meditating for a while now!

    Thank you!

  5. Vivek Raghuram says:

    These are Shri Mataji’s quotes from a public program in New York on 30th Sept.

    “You might get to see colours. You may see auras. And one has to understand here that these auras are coming to us, because we shift, we disintegrate. [What’s wrong over these ?]? That’s how we start seeing something else separated from us. To see auras is not a good sign in Sahaja Yoga. If you are seeing auras we have to bring you back to the same position, because you have to be in the present and not in the future. You get disintegrated. For example, if there is a machine, say, which takes the Auras, I was talking to someone, who has done that work of Aura-picturing. Now, before – after Realization you don’t get any Auras in a person, cannot getting auras in a person, because it is integrated, completely integrated, but when he is in a mess, you start getting the auras. Like if he has cancer he’ll get auras, if he is an alcoholic he’ll get auras, that kind will be crazy auras, a normal person may have auras not so much crazy. But Auras you cannot see when the whole thing is integrated. You can see, in a – say, light this – there is no aberration that means it’s a good light. If it is aberrations then it is a bad light. All the seven colours of a light has to be concentrated and has to be integrated. If they are prismatic and if they are giving you separately then it is not one integration. And when it is one integration then you cannot see seven lights.”

    So, it’s good to know that the person’s aura got integrated after Kundalini’s awakening. 🙂

  6. this warms my tummy, as it reminds me of the beautiful huge flower I bought for Mother one day and had put under a photo of her as Ganesha.

    The flat was not mine, I was staying there temporarily so was not too confident about the vibrations there, but had no other choice…

    I left the flat for 2 days, when i cam back to my enormous surprise, the bright red flower had turned to pure white!!

    I felt sooooo protected. Sooooo loved. Soooo understanding that we have nothing to worry about. Whatever the ambiant vibrations, Everything turns to Light, eventually.
    ALL we must do is stay with it, to help Her.


  7. paula says:

    The vibrations of the second aura photo are just tremendous! Thank you for all the commentary…the beautiful talk from founder Shri Mataji…thank you for providing that insight Vavek…just today I spoke to a colleague and were talking about the “disintegration,” I had never heard this word before, and now twice in one day…just shows how messages are ready to give us answers if we are subtly aware and ready for the answers. Truly incredible, bold article, what a scientific revelation!

    Also was very moved by Rachelle’s story of the red flower turning white…the power of vibrations emitting from the photo, just wonderful.

  8. sshey says:

    jai ,that is gracious i wish to have been a
    member of your collective meditation center
    our mother of blessing memories shri Mataji should blessed you yogis very heavenly

  9. Rahul says:

    Awesome… These r the kind of things that help a new comer to Thy Family establish his/her faith in Sahaja Yoga…. Well Done.

  10. Antoinette Wells says:

    Very interesting! When science meets spirituality…again!

  11. […] “As the Kundalini rises, she gives you a balance. As a result of the balance, your health becomes all right. I’ll explain to you how cancer is caused. Now, this is one center, and in this center we have the left and the right side of the emotions and of the mental. And through this the spinal cord is going. Now when you go to the extremes of the left or to the right, the imbalance takes place because you are disconnected from the whole. And that is how diseases are caused, especially things like cancer, when you are absolutely seceded from the whole and become on your own. So the cells become malignant, and they get triggered by some proteins and they start attacking other cells. And that is how cancers are [incomprehensible]. Now, the sympathetic nervous system, which is the left and the right, if by any means could be brought to a balance, then it is possible to stop this process. And that’s exactly what the Kundalini does, then when she rises, this power, it brings it to the balance. That is how cancer gets cured. It’s not difficult to cure cancer in Sahaja Yoga.  But the job of Sahaja Yoga is not to cure, but to create doctors! As a by-product of the Kundalini awakening, you are all right, your health improves, your habits drop out.   That is the first sign that you have become a Spirit, that no habit dominates you. Second sign is that you become absolutely healthy. Anywhere you may live, under any circumstances, any conditions you can withstand all sorts of attacks on your health as if you develop an immune body. I’ve seen people look ten years younger, even sometimes twenty years younger, and I don’t recognize them second time I meet. Now with this realization of the body – because where the Spirit has to reside, the temple of that Spirit has to be cured, has to be all right and cleansed. And as the cleansing process takes place, first thing you get is the blessing of very good health. This has been described thousands of years back by a great astrologer, who was actually the pioneer astrologer in India , Bhrigu Muni, in a very big book called Nadi Grantha, that in modern times the Kundalini will rise “sahaj”, spontaneously, and people will not need to go to the hospital. Secondly, the nature of a person changes entirely. I have seen people who have been very cruel, extremely aggressive become absolutely beautiful, compassionate, understanding personalities. All the arrogance drops like the thorns drop out, and a person blooms like a flower. People whom I have known, who have been very disturbed, very upset, even Grégoire when he first met me, he was bundle of nerves; very tense people suddenly become absolutely calm and peaceful. We don’t have to talk about peace, you just become peaceful. Today we are talking about wars and no wars; there is no need to bother about it once you get Realized people on this earth. All these mental projections of creating a universal government or universal organizations are not going to help us at all because these are mental projections. But when you become the Spirit, then you become a universal being because you experience that you have now become the part and parcel of the whole.”   Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation ( Talk: “Habit comes to you from matter”, Second Public Program, Munich – Germany , May 9th,  1985 […]

  12. Thanks for sharing this amazing knowledge , I am feeling very good viberations.

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